May 8, 2015

Flower + Stripe Coasters

I had a ton of posts to share for Mother's Day but as life has caught up with me. I have so many ideas that I jot down in the notes section of my phone that never see the light of day.  But this is one that made the cut.  I wanted ideas for Mother's day that could be done last minute. And I get to combine my love of stripes and flowers. Win-win.

These are made with some coasters I have held onto for a rainy day. I wanted a clustered flower look (I threw some birds in there too.  It felt like the springy thing to do.) and I decided to use some amazing graphics I bought off the amazing etsy shop The Ink Nest. Obviously, these are for personal use only and I would recommend everything in her shop. Check out Sabina's complete site here. But here are some other graphics and clip art I have found that are free like this gorgeous watercolor clipart, or these awesome vintage cameras from Angie Makes.  Look around her beautiful site...such a wealth of gorgeousness and so many options for flowers!
Materials you need are some coasters or tiles, scrapbook paper, scissors, images you want to decoupage, brush and modge podge.
Quick Steps:
1. Trace your coaster on the wrong side/back of some scrapbook paper and cut out. 
2. Brush your glue on the coaster and place striped paper down on the coaster.  Using a bone folder or credit card, smooth out your bumps.
3. Pre-arrange your flowers and birds in a layering fashion to ensure placement.
4.  Glue flowers/birds and when dry seal them with another coat of mod podge on top.
I admit that all the layering feels weird for me.  I did some mini hyperventilating convinced that I was going to ruin it.  But then I realize I wanted to just blast the things with lots of color and flowery goodness so I went crazy and did whatever felt right.  It was cathartic. 
I loved how they turned out.
I even played around and made a cute mother's day tag with the same graphics. 
I love me some matchy matchy.

A great last minute Mother's Day gift. 
Run to the craft store, grab what you need, find some great printables and have fun with it.
Until next time sweet friends. :)

April 13, 2015

Decoupage Milk Bottles Kit with Darby Smart

Have you guys heard of Darby Smart?  Of course you have since this site is like a crafter's paradise. They sell craft kits created by their designers that you can purchase and make yourself at home.  Its like a one stop shop.  
Recently, they asked me to be a designer (so excited!) and my first kit just launched a few weeks ago  to make these beautiful painted and decoupaged milk bottles.  

March 17, 2015

Citrus Stamped Wrapping Paper

I had the wonderful privilege of sharing this super fun DIY back in February for my precious friends at Eighteen25.  I honestly can't say enough about those sweet girls.  Its such an honor to contribute for them and I am glad I get to share some of my projects with you back here on my little old blog. So enjoy this fun tutorial for Citrus Stamped Wrapping Paper.

December 25, 2014

Stick + Yarn Star Ornaments

Typically I am a person who will decorate and stay busy through the entire Christmas season until January 1st and then I want to sleep for a week. This year, I find myself looking for the blessing in simplicity.  To slow down and not make everything be about busyness and hustle.  So the cookies will be easy, the decorations are easy and of course...little projects too. 

Which is why I am sharing the easiest ornament in the entire universe. 
Simple for the kiddos and for you. 

October 30, 2014

Embroidery Hoop Yarn Spider Webs

Well, I know I am getting this just under the wire but here is a quick and fun idea that I shared over at Eighteen25 a few weeks ago.  This great project is quick, kid friendly, and REALLY versatile.  I had a bunch of empty embroidery hoops of various sizes (just hanging all lonely like) in my craft room closet. And I started thinking that they would make the cutest little spider webs! I played around with the best way to do it and here's what I came up with... :)

October 1, 2014

Yarn Ghost Garland with Speech Bubbles

Hi Friends! 
I am so excited to share this adorably cute ghost garland with speech bubbles!  I shared this over on Eighteen25 for their Spooktacular September. I actually took this idea off of another Spooktacular project I did (these adorable Monster Cupcake Picks) but expanded on it to make this ghost garland.

September 26, 2014

Decoupage and Painted Milk Bottles

Oh my sweet goodness!  Pinch me I'm dreaming because I'm beyond stoked to be a Creative Team Member with the one and only Eighteen25 Girls! Whaaaaaat?  These girls have been a blessing to me for years and a constant encouragement and source of inspiration. I shared this project a few months back but wanted to share it here as well.
The idea for these pretty bottles came from perusing Pinterest one day and seeing a picture of some pretty spray painted bottles that I am pretty sure were decoupaged with some cut out flowers.  It was one of those times where you whiz by something while scrolling Pinterest on your phone and then can't find it again. It seemed simple enough so I decided to just try it with scrapbook paper I had on hand and some old Starbucks iced cappuccino bottles that I bought just for the bottles and not the drink. :)