October 18, 2009

Our Annual Fall Photo!

Well here is our 2009 visit to the pumpkin patch. I was so excited this year because it was actually chilly outside. And so excited that we totally played hooky from church and went while it was still cool outside in the morning. The girls and I actually wore long sleeves and...drum roll please...hubby wore jeans, not shorts. Will wonders never cease?

Great pic.
Ah yes. Ella is a rather serious child. Often funny but toally dead pans for pictures.

Daddy & his girls.
The shirts are too cute and were given to them from my mother-in-law. Since we shall pass on a heritage of geekiness, Brandon and I dressed to match. So fun.

Me & the girls.

Cati and I discussing this white pumpkin at length. Must have been photo worthy.

Cate & Ella.
One of the only pics with them both looking. Total miracle.

Cati & a teeny weeny pumpkin.

Ella and some big pumpkins.

Ella and me.

Now I am off to post these same pictures on facebook because that is just what you do when you write a blog and social network.

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  1. What beautiful pictures!!! yey! I love the purple. Looks like you guys had lots of fun at the pumpkin patch, and what a beautiful day to go! I'm sorry to see it start warming up again, this weather has been so wonderful!


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