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December 17, 2011

Grandparent Mugs

Happy Saturday sweet friends!
This almost NEVER posting on a Saturday.  But my daughter just got finished with these ridiculously cute mugs for our 3 sets of Grandparents and I HAD to share them with you. 
Hopefully if any of you need a last minute gift idea, this might work for you. :)
We bought 6 plain white mugs last night and this morning we got to work!
I buy my ceramic paint pens at Michael's.  I really like them but FYI...have had some that just won't flow any ink. So keep your receipt! Or I am just doing it wrong.  Which is likely.
Our red pen would not work so Cati wanted to make green and blue hearts and I am so glad!  
They turned out fabulous!We will wait 24 hours and then bake them in the oven at 300 degrees for 35 minutes.
I love that this can be for Valentine's Day, birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, etc!
Aren't they just so precious?
I think I need a I Mommy one now. :)

These little paint pen projects might make another appearance since I have a few more neighbor gift ideas to share in the coming week. 
You know... 
...for those of you who are like me and wait until the very last minute to do just about everything.

Hugs to each of you!

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  1. So VERY VERY sweet... :) The Grandparents are sure to be blessed by these treasures

  2. This is too cute! I'm sure the girls' grandparents are just going to love these!

  3. These are as precious as precious can be!!!!! I LOVE THESE and what mom and dad or grandma or grandpa wouldn't LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! talk about a gift from the heart...this is it!!!! so easy and FUN to make! the girls did an amazing job and the grandparents are going to be instantly in love with their picture perfect new china!!! : ) sending holiday hugs to one and all!!!!! : )

  4. so so cute! love the idea! There gonna leave them :)

  5. Awesome! Perfect idea. Did you Pin this yet?

  6. Jessica, this is such a cute gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I loooove these!! What a super cute craft and idea! Especially for Christmas. Im definitley going to do this with my little girl in about...2-3 years, haha

  8. I love those! What a great idea. I'm going to have to borrow it!

  9. Hello friends,

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  10. So cute! Hope to do this for our grand parents this holiday season, thanks for the inspiration! :)

  11. Very cute! Thanks for the crafty inspiration.

  12. These are adorable! I'm not sure if my girls are old enough to do this yet, but when we do we will also have a set of yiayia/papou mugs :)


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