June 21, 2010

The Cloak of Sickness Has Fallen

Dear Airborne Germs That Carry Potential Disease and Sickness,

Hi. No. Wait.


I usually like to be nice.  Cordial.  Upbeat.  I can even be annoyingly perky. But not to you.  You are a pesky, frustrating, nasty little imp who needs to be confined to a dingy, cell of a petri dish; never to emerge again until you are destroyed.

Ella after her blood work.  (The scary spots are iodine)

You keep bothering my Ella who is sick. Once again.  So much so that her high fever, whimpering and sputtering sounds...that would frighten every mom alive...and lethargy sent me on a whirlwind ride of doctor visits and tests today.

All because of YOU.

She had to be poked with a needle for blood work.
Sustain a stick in the throat to test for strep.
Endure chest x-rays.
And forgo a nap through this whole process.

Luckily, she bypassed an almost inevitable antibiotic shot that burns like...well...you know.

All after just recovering from an ear infection.

I, for one, wanted to tell you that this particular mommy is a little irked. I do NOT like seeing my baby in pain.  I do not want her to cling to me in the swimming pool instead of splash around with glee because she feels so awful.  And I do not like running all over town when all I want to do is hold her and make everything OK.

So I am just warning you that I shall defeat you.  I will do it.  I don't know how but I will do my best.  This is battle and I come wielding a can of Lysol, a bowl of fruit, probiotics, and a bar of soap.  Um, cuz that is all I have right now.  But I will fight you. Oh yes.  The wrath of me is upon you.

So, you pesky, slimy little virus, I just want you to know I am on to you.  And I am watching you.  And I will defeat you.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.


  1. Hang in there! I hope she feels better soon!!!

  2. The pic didn't show up but I'm sure it is pitiful. Poor baby. : (

  3. oh no poor thing, poor you. I hope she gets well soon. My bff in MN. her daughter is fighting pneumonia right now. What is going on?? It's summer for pete's sake!! I want health for all!

  4. thanks for your comment Jess, it brought tears to my eyes and means alot to have you praying for Grandpa. I am looking forward to hearing your testimony someday!

  5. Oh I didn't know Ella was not feeling well! So sorry t is such a pain & so hard to see our little oes down isn't it. I hope your doctor visit is helping things along...that is the worst!

    THanks for your sweet party comments. By the end of the week everyone is going to be so sick of the party but I like to document it her just for us too:) Seriously...we took WAy too many pics with 3 of us snapping & I love them all :)

  6. Is everyone better, I hope?


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