June 9, 2010

Lost In My Hood

I had no way of knowing that early this morning I would attempt to take an innocent walk with my girls around our hood and enter our neighborhood Bermuda Triangle.

It was lovely at first. We walked along and found pretty flowers.  A teeny frog.  Then I got adventurous. I decided to take them down streets I have not been on before.  What could happen?

I got us lost.  In my own neighborhood? 


The total kicker?  My friend Jen had to google map me to my own street.  From her house.


Oh, the shame.

The girls were dehydrated (ok, just thirsty) and passing out taking seated rests under tree covered parts of the sidewalk. As shown above taken from my cell phone.  

It was really quite alarming that I was lost about 20 feet from the intersection to my own street.  But this is par for the course in my life.  This is just what I do.

After I hydrated and fed them we had naps.  And the girls woke up a tad grumpy.  It must have been the arduous and tortuous trek I dragged them on. Soon, Cati and I are having another one of our "Mother/Daughter" spats.  As in, "Cati please come inside the house."And Cati responding with a glass shattering equivalent shrill scream of "NO!" and threw her croc flip flop at the window. And the girl has game cuz that sucker hit it HARD!

I was NOT happy.

So in order to teach her about how we need to be respectful of property, and because she could have broken a window, she will need to understand how we take care of property.  So her punishment was issued...
 I gave her this great stuff called Baby Girl Cleaning Products that would be safe for her to use.
Got it from the same friend who navigated us out of my own neighborhood.
 But it streaks on windows when the cleaner is a 3 year old.  I so created more work for myself.
And I began to get nervous because she was really excited at first.  So I kept making her clean.  
And clean. And clean some more.  Suddenly, this chore was not so fun.

My poor Cinder-cati.

Oh, but wait...where was my Cinder-ella?

Lounging on her chair, feet up with a cinnamon roll. 

This role reversal so did not work for the real Cinderella with her sisters. 

But I guess the ball, glass slipper and prince thing made up for it.  

For now, the cinnamon roll and watching Cati clean is all MY Ella needs.


  1. You know I babysat this boy once who colored on the wall. I made that boy clean it up. When his mom got home, I told her about it. She said "Oh, that's OK. He does that all the time." And then she was totally shocked I'd made him clean it up. Guess what? He never colored on the wall again when I was there.

  2. Oh my gosh, that picture of Ella is PRICELESS! I just love it. I think having her clean the glass was pure genius.

    And uh, maybe take some bread crumbs on the next few walks, just until you know your way around.

  3. WHAt a day!!! That is too funny, only because it was you & not me :) Love their matching dresses!

    We have so much the same going on...last week I was going to put up a post of Annie vacuuming for punishment & a few weeks ago I took some swinging pics! I love being able to go through it all with a friend like you!!!

    Gotta go check out your lamp makeover!

  4. So funny! My kids and I got lost in our neighborhood a couple years back, so I understand your pain! Glad you all survived!

  5. lol. Being a mom to girls is fun isn't it? Getting lost in my own neighborhood is something I think I would do too!

  6. TOO funny! That is one of the funniest stories -- good thing for google maps!?!?

    And THANK YOU for stopping by my blog - your comments totally cracked me up!

  7. That must be quite a neighborhood. Holy cow! Glad you made your way home:)


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