May 15, 2012

Pinwheel on a Stick

Hello there!
I wanted to peek in with a quick and easy tutorial to make easy pinwheel picks.  Yesterday I made these and the cupcakes because we celebrated Cati's birthday at school today.  Her birthday is not until the end of the summer but they celebrate all the summer birthdays during the last few weeks of school.
Which is rather confusing for Cati. :) She keeps asking, "Am I six now?" 
But hey...she got some yummy cupcakes out of it.

I honestly think these are more versatile then just popping them into a cupcake.  Embellish a package or bag, a garland or wreath, or pop a big one into a goody bag. 
Sorry that I forgot to remove all those hot glue strings before styling these cuties.  :)
It just proves us bloggers are real people with real lives. And some of us...maybe, kinda, might be...legally blind and failed to catch this until photo editing.  So there.  You now know I am legally blind even behind a lens.
I love the colors and patterns of this paper so much. :)

Here are some quick and easy steps to make these lovelies...
(sorry...they don't spin)  :)
Cut two 3x3 inch squares from 2 pieces of paper.  Double sided paper would be easier!
Using double sided tape, tape wrong sides of paper squares together to create a two sided square.
Fold one corner to the opposite corner on both sides creating a crease shaped like an "X."  Cut on the folds until you almost get to the middle leaving about 1/2 inch.
 Fold the left point down with the point towards the middle.  If you start with the left like I did, pull the left side of the other three triangles too.  Secure them with hot glue in the center.

Embellish the middle with a button or bead and hot glue a lollipop stick or skewer to the back.

That's it!

Happy Day Sweet Friends!


  1. I recognize that paper!! :) So cute as always!! What did you use to make your photo collages?! I waiting for picmonkey to start offering collages, but seems like its taking forever!!

  2. I LOVE these! I've always wondered how to make pinwheels! Thank you so much for sharing sweet friend!I hope you have a wonderful week! =)

  3. I am so in love with these!!! They're beautiful, and they made such a fun addition to your cupcakes! I'm going to make a big vase full for my pink office. I pinned the picture to my Pinterest with a link back to your blog - thanks for sharing! Hugs ~ Mary

  4. How adorable are these little pinwheels! I am going to make some soon, so thanks for the tutorial!

  5. You MADE pinwheels! What sweet cupcakes! These will be perfect for your line of products! They would be snatched up so quick! I'd be buying them by the cart full! WAYYYY cute Jess! So happy & summery!

  6. i LOVE these!!!! thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful things you make...I've made a card for a party.
    You can follow this link
    Have a nice day ;-)

  8. oh my sweet always have the magic touch! your projects always make me smile and make my heart happy! these are simply precious...I simply adore them and your step by step is no short of amazing!!!!! you rock...that's all there is to it!!!! i'll be talking with you soon! sending hugs to all!

  9. hello from spain!
    I read your blog since last month and I love it
    see you soon
    excuse me for my bad english

  10. visuals were very helpful - thanks for sharing


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