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April 13, 2013

A Pretty Ruffle Topiary

Hello sweet friends.
I wanted to share with you this little topiary for a couple reasons.  First...I made it awhile ago during my blog hiatus and I thought it would be fun to share now that I am back in the bloggy swing of things.

March 9, 2012

Easy Fabric Flip Flops

Spring is almost here which means a fun wardrobe change like sandals and flip flops to show those toes!

Although us Floridians wear flip flops all year...even when I wear a sweater you can see me sporting the flops. :) I have...I think...1,002 pairs of them.  OK.  Maybe not that many but I have more than I can count. Dressy, casual, beachy, girly, whatever.  And my crafty self loved the idea of making my own using fabric scraps to make them custom and super fun.
I had the privilege to speak to a fabulous group of women last week for a local MOPS group about gift giving ideas for Spring. This was one of the projects I shared and I figured I could share an easy peasy tutorial using flips flops for my girls.  (It's been WAY TOO LONG since I did one).

Oh and sorry if the flip flops don't look pristine.  They were worn a few times by my little pinks until I snagged them to pretty them up. :) Here goes...

I know there are other fun tutorials out there by taking the whole thong out and just using cute! Check out this one and this one from The Mother Huddle which are FABULOUS!  I just happen to prefer the support these give while making them feel a bit more comfortable and a whole lot prettier.

Oh, and please know I will be getting back to visiting all of you very soon.  Life has gotten VERY busy for me so sadly I have not been able to visit all you fabulous friends in A LONG WHILE!  Just know I appreciate every one of you who read my blog even with YOUR busy lives and schedules and it means so much to me knowing you come to visit again and again.

Hugs all my fabulous friends!

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September 10, 2011

Guest Posting Today at Eighteen 25!

Happy Saturday Friends!
Just wanted to let you know that I am guest posting at Eighteen 25's annual Spooktacular today.  
I am beyond honored to be asked to participate with the INSPIRING and AMAZING group of bloggers contributing to this month long series.

So if you would like...peek in on this little DIY Fabric Birdcage for some lovely Fall decor!

July 17, 2011

Vintage Linens for a Perfect Picnic

A quick post to say hi.  
And to share the fact that I keep staring at all these pretty linens that simply make me smile. I found this lovely little thrift shop and picked up several floral patterned sheets that cost a maximum of $4.  I tried my best to find flat sheets because my thought was to use these pretty sheets as picnic blankets

That way I can have them at the ready as guests arrive and more then one family can share a blanket as they eat and chat.  I love the different ones I found and I am excited to see how they will look in my front yard. :)
I am also pretty excited to find these beautiful vintage pillowcases...some for .50 a piece or a $1 a pair.
They will be perfect for the Sack Races I have planned.  Fun, right?

Here are the girls trying out the pillowcases for sack races. :) 
They loved it!

I know this was a quick one but I will be back some time this week for more party fun!

July 14, 2011

Guest Posting: Bugaboo, Mini, Mr, & Me...A Pretty Wrapped Up Picnic

Hey guys!  Take a peek over at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr, and Me where I am guest posting for her "Life's a Picnic" party this summer.  I am sharing a couple of fabric wrapping ideas perfect for a picnic for two!

There is a whole bunch of fun picnic ideas as part of the linky party Kimberly has going until August.  
If you have an idea you should join in on the fun too!  

July 5, 2011

Make Your Own Old Fashioned Games... Make Them Pretty too!

Well here we go.  
I am planning this birthday party that I initially intended to be easy with pizza and a jump house. But to my great delight, we decided to go another direction and we are doing this picnic party with some homemade, old fashioned yard games, picnic blankets, and a picnic dinner. And it will be GIRLY!  
HOORAY for girly!  

So get ready!  This next month will be pretty party focused and today I am going to share two projects I have done so far.  
The first one is this Ring Toss game. Isn't it sweet?
I started off with this old small crate, some small embroidery hoops, and a 6 pack of Diet Root Beer.
I wanted the bottles to use in the crate.  I could only fit 5 of them in there but I loved how it turned out.
I used the inner and outer rings of the embroidery hoops to make 6 rings and wrapped them with fabric from those pretty sheets I recently purchased. I just cut them into thin strips and wrapped them around and secured it with a dab of hot glue.
I hope the outer rings with the small screws won't be a safety issue so I figure the grown ups can use those and the kids can use the inner rings.
I wanted a girly but distressed look to the bottles so I painted them a very light green color (I know it looks white...sigh) called celery ice.  After it dried, I painted over it with a light pink color and then wiped it off in different places to reveal the light green underneath.
(I love my little Ella's bare feet jumping into the picture at the last minute ♥)
I painted the crate a really pale blue color (again, it looks white...another sigh) by using a dry brush of paint.  I just dipped the brush in paint and then dabbed off the excess and then with long sweeping strokes made it look distressed.  I prefer painting things this way so that I don't have to sand them later. 
Finally, I used alphabet stamps for the lettering and made them look faded.

Fabric Wrapped Hula Hoops
I love hula hoops!  I love their shiny and fun colors.  But I wanted something more feminine and sweet for one of the outdoor activities I have planned.  Plus, a couple of their hula hoops starting peeling and feeling prickly so I wanted to give them some new life.
 So enter in pretty sheets again! 
I just cut thin strips of fabric and started wrapping them and securing them with dabs of hot glue just like the embroidery hoops.
 Much prettier and they feel so soft!
And yes, they still work!  The girls seem to like them better and actually using them a lot more now.
I believe pretty fabric makes everything better. And prettier.  And happier.
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June 24, 2011

Thrifting Cottage Style

Hello there friends!  
Just stopping in with a little note to say hi and to let you know I have been so crazy busy that I have not been able to be in the crafting mode.  And I miss it so! I have lots of things "in process." VBS is this week for the kiddos so I am driving all over the town, roasting in this Florida heat and wondering where the term lazy summer came from.  I mean, seriously!
But I did get a chance to do some thrifting this week and I was specifically looking for sheets. Sheets to make several wreaths (like this white ruffly wreath from the Spring) and other pretty things where I can FINALLY open up an Etsy shop.
I am going to get started on an actual inventory and then jump off this scary cliff. 
Can you believe it? 
I mean, I have been talking about it for almost 2 years.
You probably don't believe me anymore. :)
These shabby chic, cottage style sheets literally shouted my name. Literally.  It was eerie.  
The cheerful, light and airy colors.  Oh yes, I answered their call.
I already made this one out of a few of the pillowcases. 
What do you think?
An honest to goodness shop item...I am still stunned.
Just lovely, happy, little ruffles.

I hope to add garlands and some other fun little items but I am starting off with a narrow focus or I will never do it. I tend to lack focus, friends.  And time.  And sometimes resources. But I got it together and hope I can keep going.  

At the moment my focus is working on the girl's birthday party this year. They share a party with both their birthdays landing 2 weeks apart in the middle of the summer. Mommy loves doing parties but not two in a row.  I am so not a "Super-Crafty-Never Needs Sleep For Weeks On End-Still Has Time For Mascara" Mom.

So we do ONE party. :)

I hope to post the cutie patootie invites soon.  Stick with me...I got things in the works.  PROMISE!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

April 6, 2011

Fabric Houses Wall Art

So here is my second completed project for the silent auction.  This one has me biting my nails since this will depend on personal preference and taste.  But I am also hoping things like this will be in my  soon to be Etsy shop. This particular piece is in a glass frame but I like working directly on canvas.
 The materials I used were all from my fabric stash: burlap, linen, old towels, an old bed skirt, and yarn.
This would be so perfect for a little girl's room. I kept the fabric pattern colors light and playful.
I love the look of handmade stitches.  They are imperfect, childlike and whimsical.  
And the frayed edges of the fabric give it just the right texture.
I am loving the swirly blue sky and green grass too.
I hope someone likes this enough to bid on it!  
Do YOU like it? 
(be gentle)
Off to sew and create some more!

April 1, 2011

Fabric + Cookie Sheets= Fab Trays!

I have had this little project on my to do list for months now. I saw a photo on another blog (that sadly does not exist anymore) and a video tute is actually on Martha.  I just never got around to it but once I did, I seriously wondered at my crafty prowess.  This particular DIY was a bit tricky.
I actually bought my cookie sheets from the dollar tree (the mini 13 x 9 ones).
I was not sure what fabric I was going to use but I went with the green.
I laid out a rough amount of fabric that I knew could cover around the front, edges, nooks and crannies (that nearly drove me loony), and the back. After doing it, I realized I should have been more precise with my cutting to make it look neater on the bottom of the cookie sheet. 
To adhere the fabric, I used spray adhesive.  
My word, this sticky stuff is really hard for me to work with.  
 But it's very forgiving on fabric so you can pull it up if it starts to bunch.  
I just sprayed the middle and up the edges first...
...and laid my fabric and started working it into the corners.  
Warning: This is not as easy as it seems.
See the bunching here in the corner?  This happens a lot and I had to keep lifting it up and redoing it.
Once I was totally exasperated happy with my corners, I flipped it over and began going over the edges starting with the longer sides first.
There are a lot of rolled edges so it was hard to tuck the fabric in there.  I would use a sturdy, plastic knife to kind of tuck it in there.  While you are at it, use a dough scraper or credit card to get out all the bubbles on the flat parts.
Now here is the part that made me almost not post this tray tute but I figured we all are not perfect, sometimes we need to hide our oopses and enjoy the process.  
So I posted to tell you what NOT to do.  
At my expense.
Your welcome. :)

You are supposed to fold the edges in like a present. As you can see at the top I did not do that. Not enough fabric.  But on the other side, I had too much!  Will I ever learn to take my time? Probably not

Weellllllll...I folded it in too much so it got all crazy looking. My advice? I would actually try NOT to make such a severe fold, and factor this in when you initially cut the fabric. I wing it too much.
I did cut off the excess but ended up exposing some of the tray on the bottom which just plain irked me.
The last step is to adhere felt to the back to give it a nice clean finish. I used a 8 x 11 piece of craft felt and cut it to size...the wrong size. You like how I stretched it a bit on one corner?
Sheesh.  Now I really am regretting this post even as I type.  But I will probably still post it because hey...I am not perfect and hopefully you will still love me. 
Even if my crafty endeavors sorta, kinda...don't work out like I hope.
Ahhh...yet when you flip it one sees the crafty woopsie and it still serves it's adorable purpose.
I think it is really pretty and I want to make a ton of these! 

I think they are great for a coffee table or a sturdy surface on my ottoman.  

How about for a great Spring tablescape?  

I love the idea (since they are small) to use them at each place setting for a dinner party.

What could you see them used for?  
I would love to hear your ideas!
Hugs to all you super creative and lovely friends!

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