June 1, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday

Tip#1:  Update Your Kitchen Cabinets...On the Inside

When we first looked at our house, I was kinda bummed about the kitchen cabinets.  They were not the best quality but I honestly like that they are white. But the inside of them were showing some yellowing and grime.  Totally grossed me out.  I thoroughly cleaned every inch of them but they still looked like this...

Look closer...

Ick, Ick, Ick!  
So I decided to paint them and I loved how they turned out!
So fresh and fun!  I am really loving the contrast between the wall color and the inside of the cabinets and the way all my white dishes pop.  It is so fun to open my cabinets!  It was a great way to update the kitchen and make things feel newer and more "me."

Tip #2:  An Old Window that Holds Memories

My dear friend Nicole has this amazing, old window at her house where she decided to commemorate her precious engagement and wedding moments with flowers!  The top left panel are the 3 flowers that were sitting on the alter where her husband proposed to her at our church.  They got married on that same altar exactly one year later!  The other 3 panels are petals she pulled apart from her dried wedding bouquet.

All she did was buy the window from an antique store, and got heavy, cardboard poster board that she was assured would not yellows with age, and went at it with a hot glue gun. That was it and so brilliant!

There are so many idea you could use with this old window idea...wedding photos of all your children or siblings, seashells from your favorite beaches, baby booties of all your children, etc, etc.  The list is endless and the look is just beautiful!

Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. I love the cupboards!! I've wanted to do that with something. And wouldn't it be cute to have glass panel doors so you could see that lovely shade of green? Very cute!

  2. LOVE the green!! You are so clever!

    And the window makes me wish I still had my wedding flowers...(sigh)...

  3. i just LOVE your blog....always the cutest most interesting things to look at!

  4. I love that idea with the cabinets. Ours are all white too. I hate them!

  5. LOVE your greenie cupboards! It is fun to see you putting your touches on your new home!

    I am an old window lover myself! That one is pretty cool wit the dried flowers! Gotta love any project that requires a hot glue gun!

  6. i just read your last post!! sorry im late!!
    wrapping paper!!!!! LOL that is something i would So do LOL .. HEy it worked right!!!
    I am SOOO blessed to know you are finally home!! yaaay!!! :)
    thank you for keeping us up to date on everything!! Love ya my dear!!

  7. over at www.birdiebluesky.blogspot.com
    check out her white cabinet with the green inside, gorgeous!!! I'm so envious it's sinful.

  8. Love the green! I saved the old windows from the farmhouse after the tornado. Well, the ones that weren't smashed to smithereens, anyway. Love what you did with yours.


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