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August 2, 2011

Favors and Decorations, and Pretty Things...Oh My!

I know. It probably makes no sense that I take a two week hiatus and then just launch into a post like nothing happened. 

I have to tell you I needed that break.  I know it sounds crazy but as my girls both had approaching birthdays I was suddenly hit with the finality of MOMENTS.  Call it a moment of clarity. That these precious moments can pass without you even noticing and there is no getting them back.  I would look into those sweet faces and realize that time is literally warp speeding by me.

So I jumped in and had the best time playing human choo choo train around the house, going swimming, watching the clouds change shape, sitting in a movie theater sharing popcorn and whispers, playing baby dolls, and lots and lots of snuggling. I don't plan on it ending. ♥

My Ella just had her 3rd birthday this past Friday. Which prompted this clarity I was referring to. I am still wrapping my mind around my youngest child being 3. No longer a baby. Lord willing, we will have more babies.  Whether biological or adopted...I have no idea. But we want more children.  And I have been hit with the fact that mine are just...GROWING. Like all the time. And I can't stop it.  But I sure can enjoy the ride.  

So.  That is what I have been up to.  Just enjoying my two girlies and loving my life. But in the meantime...I have also been hard at work preparing for this upcoming picnic party.  I don't have tutorials for you but I will share some photos of the things I have made.

Hope you enjoy them!

Tissue Paper Pom Poms
I plan on hanging them from our big tree in the front yard.
I  made a lot. :)
Fabric Ruffly Balls
These cuties are much smaller and I was also going to hang these from the trees.  
But I did not make a lot (a little bit more time consuming) so I may not use them.
But who I included them for you to get a peek!
Pretty Paper Garlands
Paper doilies and scalloped garland made from a 2 inch circle punch with each circle folded over ribbon.  
I used the paper that I used for the paper fans.
DIY Water Bottle Labels
These were fun. I customized these in power point from a template that I got from another blog awhile back and I can not remember where.  I actually only wanted it for the measurements. 
When I find it, I will put the link back here on the post. 
I am too cheap to buy the waterproof label paper so I just wrapped them in packing tape.  
I confess it looks a little ghetto on some of them but...whatever. 
$1 Picnic Baskets
I found these at the dollar tree and I plan on serving each FAMILY their picnic dinner in them and labeling them for a personal touch. I initially wanted to serve everyone their picnic in boxes wrapped in twine but my husband convinced me this would have been a stressful prepping situation.  
I really think the family baskets will be so cute! 
I confess I am itching to spray paint them but I am trying to restrain myself. :)
 Printable Labels from one of my favorite blogs...I will be introducing her to you VERY soon!
Juggling (Bean Bag) Balls Made from Balloons
I got this idea from Family Fun. They are made with two 9 inch balloons with the necks cut off and rice inside.  
Using a funnel, fill up one balloon with rice, snip the neck.  Then take another empty balloon, snip the neck off that one and stretch it over the filled one.  
A really quick project!
These favors will be juggling balls for the boys and I think I may add chalk for the girls for hopscotch sets.  I really wanted to make fabric bean bags for the girls but I made way too many juggling balls and  again...trying to find BALANCE.

And FINALLY...for your entertainment at my total is the cake Ella and I made for her actual birthday. 
I have said it before but...
Mistake 1: Using a cookie icing pen I happened to just find in the pantry.  Expiration date unknown.
Mistake 2: Putting lid on cake plate before icing set. Hence letters that look creepy instead of happy.
Mistake 3: Attempting to fix letters with toothpick to regain legibility and royally messing it up even more.
Mistake 4: Not remembering my 3 year old can not read.

That is about it on what I have been up to.  The party is this Saturday and I hope upon hope I have the time to photograph it for you.  And I am also PRAYING THIS TROPICAL STORM NAMED EMILY (love that name, not the storm) MOVES FAR, FAR, FAR, INTO THE OCEAN AND AWAY FROM FLORIDA so that I don't have to move fifty people into my lovingly quaint but small house. 

Or move them into my even smaller laundry room for shelter.  
Which fits like two people. (It is the only room without windows)
I will have family in town this week so you may not hear from me until next week some time.  

Until then my sweet friends...
Hugs to each of you!  I have truly missed you!


  1. Wow! You really came back with a bang! I'm crazy about all this stuff! You've found the cutest, Shabby Chic paper for your projects. I really want to trying the pom-poms and paper garland! So glad you had precious time with your girls! I can't wait to hear how the party goes. fingers crossed that storm will miss y'all and come to Texas! Haha!

  2. I don't know how you have time for all this!! But it is all so wonderful, I love it!

  3. So glad you are back! And I'm happy you are enjoying your girls! Everything looks great!

    Here's an idea, assign a friend or loved one that will not have as much to do at the party to takes pictures of everything for you. That way you can be the great hostess without the distraction of trying to takes photos too. And maybe write down a few ideas of what you want. Otherwise just enjoy yourself, friends, and your family. Remember, it's about the memories, not the photos. Have fun!

  4. Oh have done quite a bit... : ) We just did a VERY simple birthday celebration for our daughter and that was enough for me to want to take some Tylenol.. : ) I can't imagine having to prepare for a Picnic on top of that...Which everything for that picnic looks simply AMAZING...Will you be using some of those fun games you made...??? Oh and LOVE the juggling ball thing...My boys would love to make those...But I do believe the cake is my favorite....There is nothing like a Homemade with LOVE cake.... : )
    Enjoy your ADORABLE picnic and your time with family...
    Will be praying that the Lord will hold back the storm....
    Blessings to you and yours

  5. OHH!! it's all so pretty... and inspiring! And my tags look WONDERFUL with everything!! so fun for me to see them used :)

  6. Oooooo this post makes me miss you and love you even more...if possible! If I weren't typing on my tiny phone keys I would write a book bur since I am I will probably come back later and write a few chapters :). All I can say is...I heart tsop :)


  7. Glad you took some time off!! We all need it from time to time!! I have had those moments lately that you are talking trying to wrap my mind around my baby turning ONE in just 17 more days!! CRAZY!! Anyway, looks like you have been making some super cute stuff!! Can't wait to see the tutorials!! Need to know how to make those tissue paper pom poms!!

  8. I miss you, Jess!! Your cake stuff made me LOL completely . . . I am a total cake ruiner. Just awful. I mean, they TASTE good, but if I ever attempt to write ANYTHING on top of a cake it will inevitably look like a chimp wrote it using his feet. I should dig up a picture of the most pathetic cake decorating job in the world that I did when my little guy turned one last year . . . I was so embarrassed. Not that he cared mind you!

  9. We never can wrap our heads around the ages of our children! My older turns 30 this Fall. WHAT?! It's just toooo weird!

    Jessica, I just love everything you showed here! What a wonderful picnic it will be for everyone! ♥

  10. My *eldest* turns 30 this Fall. "Older" ha-ha!

  11. You have such amazing ideas! Hope that the party is a huge success! :)

  12. Amazing! I would love to learn how to make the fabric ruffle balls sometime! I hope you all have a fantastic time! Send the storm to Texas will you?

  13. Love it all. Great idea for the juggling balls - I missed that craft in my Family Fun mag. Will be heading over the blog right now for those cute name cards.

  14. It really looks like it is going to be a lovely party. I have really enjoyed your posts on it.

  15. I wish I could come. The pom-poms are always pretty and a real classic. Come on over and see, "The Charlotte Doll."

  16. Wow! Everything is fabulous...talented lady :)


  17. Carter is thrilled to see his and Lindseys name!! (we are in waiting room before speech) Can't wait to show Lindsey later!!! You are too cool!! Lookingforward to the party!!

  18. Can't wait, can't wait! And I think the idea from Ms. Craftsalot above is GREAT! I'd be happy to be one of those friends, if you haven't asked someone else already, to take pictures on your behalf so you can be the hostess with the mostest!

  19. You are just to darm funny with a WIDE swatch of creativity. Your 3 year old and all attedning are going to love all that you have been up to make this party fun and with just a touch ot two of Two Shaes of Pink! I can't wait to see it all come top life. Your suggestions are always sooo down to earth and full of life! Here's to a great party!

    PS I know I am a bit late...just now getting through my emails!

  20. Beautiful party goodies you've made! (Found you over at Free pretty Things for You) The party is going to look fabulous!!!

  21. I LOVE your blog!! I, too, would love to know how to make the Ruffled Flowers. Your parties are amazing and I can't wait to see more!


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