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March 29, 2011

Chiffon Corsage: Good Living Magazine Project 3

Nope.  I  did not publish the wrong post by mistake and I do realize Mother's Day is almost 2 months away.
It IS a tad early to be featuring this but the magazine issue comes out this month and the next issue will not be until Summer.  So it needed to be on the blog for the tutorial and well...that's that. :)

We have all seen this flower craze ebb and flow but what I love about these flowers corsages is they are so delicate, feminine, and completely appropriate on a day like Easter and especially Mother's Day.  Who wouldn't love a handmade gift like this to treasure for always and not just for one day?
 I love these so much!  They have a modern feel without feeling too overdone.
Another bonus?
They are incredibly light on your wrist!
 This yummy grey and brown combo is just so pretty!

Here is how you make one...

 I will try to re-post this one closer to Mother's Day.  
Hugs and smiles to each of you dear friends!  
All of you bless my socks off!

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March 27, 2011

My Abiding Obsession with Garlands Continues...

Well here is another "future" shop item. 
(Will it ever open?  Dunno.)  
And yep.  Another garland. I can't get enough of 'em.  I really can't.
This one is made with hot pink (fuchsia?) felt and fishing line. I decided to add some rings at the end for easier hanging in case this would be a permanent fixture in a little girls room or simply for easier hanging.
 Here is my oldest daughter thinking it is extra long bling. Isn't she so squeezable?
 I just sighed with all the happy feelings this pinky goodness brings me. 

P.S.  I do apologize for some blurriness. 
I suspect it is due to the teeny people fingerprints I found on my lens.

March 21, 2011

Good Living Magazine: Paper & Button Flowers Project 2

These adorable flowers evolved from an entirely different idea and I am so glad they did.  I seem to do that constantly.  And every time I look at these, I feel happy.

So I do a happy dance. 

I know that buttons and paper flowers are not a new concept.  But I like the simplicity of this project that can appeal to all ages.  PLUS...I wanted something classy smooshed with super, duper, wuper EASY!  

March 17, 2011

Blogger's Day of Silence

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Blogger's Day of Silence to show respect and awareness regarding the devastation in Japan. You can also get involved by donating to help raise funds for shelterbox.  Please join me in a day of silence TOMORROW and tell everyone you can in the blogging community to promote awareness.

To find out a little more detail please visit Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours for more detailed information on the specifics of this two part initiative in helping with both fundraising and the blogger's day of silence.

Please join me friends.  A little help makes a HUGE difference.

March 15, 2011

No Sew Eyeglasses Case: Good Living Magazine Project #1

 I am so excited to share this easy peasy tutorial!  
I have gone back and forth on when to post these projects but the magazine I craft for has been a bit ambiguous on their actual print date but the article and three crafts I made direct back to this blog for the tutorials in the march archives.  And they are more geared towards Easter and Mother's Day so sorry if this is kind of early. But having finished tutorial posts just sitting there waiting to be published is hard!

So here is Project #1:
 This is actually a spin off  of a craft I did last year around this time.  
You might  remember this one below...

An eyeglasses case made from a potholder!

Giveaway Winner!

Shoot me an email so I can get you in contact with sweet Jill!
Thank you to everyone who entered!

March 13, 2011

Art Piece: Bird on a Branch

This bird and I are NOT the best of besties. But I am growing fond of him. I named him Louie.

I don't know why.  I just did.

Louie has been an idea in my head for a long time.  And I do like creating art pieces from time to time.  I like using mixed media but you can always find felt, fabric or maybe yarn on something I make that is geared toward the artistic. But this is more in the category of a craft fail for me. Louie just would not do what I wanted him to do.

But I decided to share it with you to give you can idea of some things that may go in my someday Etsy shop.  I have more sneak peeks to give you but I am discovering I am an AWFUL PERFECTIONIST. I am working on easing up a bit. Really, I am.
I really wanted to use a real stick but the hubs scared me when he told me it could break down over time.   Obviously, I wanted to make something I could sell.  So I decided to venture into paper mache (also a short life span...I think) where my knowledge is limited to childhood school projects designing a volcano with a balloon. But does this have me daunted?  NO!  I press on and continue in an area where I have ZERO knowledge.  But I was pleasantly surprised that the stick actually looked real after painting it.

Seriously, like a branch!

But...I did not account for stability.  And it broke.  Dang. So I glued it back together (it actually gave it a more realistic look...I celebrate the positives here) and decided to keep it for me as a pretty Spring mobile. The glue is holding it together but for how long is the question.  Call me a risk taker. But I will cry if it breaks again.
Louie is made of linen and I blanket stitched him closed and his eye is a pretty, little, green bead. The nest is actually made from cloth covered floral wire that I twisted into a nest.
I adore the leaves so much!  I fell in love with the fabric and the happy combination they make together.  Be warned:  You may see it again in the future. :) I sewed them together intentionally leaving the edges frayed for a shabbier look. I did the same when sewing the bird.  I stuffed Louie and the leaves for some dimension but they turned out larger then I hoped.

I would have had a tutorial if I had any idea what I was doing.  But I learned a lot from my mistakes, researched more about paper mache and I am excited to go back to the drawing board on this one.
The branch is strung with fishing line tied to a silver ring for hanging.  I actually tied it while I created the branch so the paper mache would make the fishing line part of the piece. It worked really well and seems invisible.

I wish this had turned out like I had envisioned but that is the fun of creating.  Sometimes you don't know what you will end up with but it is still worth it.

Wow. I just reread this post and it is incredibly boring. Sorry to post a snoozer. can I redeem it? Oh, here is something fun!!!!  The editor of the magazine I craft for went on a radio program, WTBN-570 AM radio last week and actually mentioned me with some incredibly nice words about me and this blog!  I was so overwhelmed and flattered.  And as I type these words I realize I never thanked her.  Must go do that right NOW. 
P.S.  Today is last day to enter the giveaway from Mama Jill Designs!

March 8, 2011

Textured Ball Garland

Love. Completely, totally, in love with this garland. I can, in fact, have this much of an emotional attachment to an inanimate object.  Oh yes.

This is a product of the genesis of me brainstorming ideas for my Etsy shop.  I am struggling with transitioning from being  a crafter who lives with the imperfections that come with handmade things and suddenly making them for someone to buy.  With like, money. It is terrifying to say the least.  But I have wanted to come up with something of my own design, totally me, and exemplifies my type of crafting.

This garland began with me experimenting with texture. I am drawn to anything with textures that evoke comfort, casual elegance, and depth. I love the juxtaposition of fine china on a distressed table or silver candlesticks on a rustic mantel. It is so peaceful and calming to my often preoccupied soul.  Looking at things like this and living with them is like a sanctuary of peace for me. So I set out to do just that with my one of my favorite things to make: Garlands.
I made each individual ball shape unique.  I experimented with linen, yarn, and satin creating beautiful rosette spirals, colorful stripes, and shabby textures. It is pure loveliness to me.
I wanted this garland to be classy and more grown up without being fussy.  Casual; not too fancy.
As you can see, the amount of photos I took depicts my intense infatuation with this garland.  I may need a garland intervention.
I  decided a rustic twine was the perfect complement to string them together and I am just so happy with the final result.  The garland measures 5 ft long and the balls can slide so you can make it as wide or close together as needed.

I sure hope you like this. I had so many of you in mind when I made it. You have all been more then fabulous spurring me on to do an Etsy shop and you helped me believe it is really possible.  Thank you so much for that. I was so nervous this project would not work out but it exceeded my expectations. Hope you enjoyed the first of many sneek peeks!  

P.S.  I have been manic crafting as I have been on deadline for the magazine; hence the crickets on this little blog.  But I got fun stuff to share coming up soon!


March 6, 2011

Giveaway: Mama Jill's Blog (CLOSED)


What a fabulous giveaway I have for you today!  
Meet Mama Jill, a crafty sweetie pie who makes wearing flowers way fun!  
(And how fun is her blog banner?  Just me. Being crafty. I love that line, don't you?) 

What you see is what you get and you get just lovely things from both her crafty genius and her beautiful Etsy shop, Mama Jill Designs.

And guess what else she did...she is pure sweetness...Jill chose Two Shades of Pink as her favorite blog of the week and surprised me with it!  Jill, I am so honored!  But back to Jill...

Check out a few of my favorite designs of hers...
Look at these cutie patootie earrings! I want these.
And they totally had me at pink. :)
I looooooooove this necklace! And now someone else owns it. :(
But I still love it. 
And she can't seem to keep her necklaces in her shop...they are just that awesome and sell quickly.
I am always drawn to a yummy mustard color so I instantly fell in love with this one too.
Oh this luscious Anthro inspired necklace. Check out her tutorial here.
This one is such a gorgeous shade of Tiffany blue.  It's so summery and sweet.
And I am a sucker for ruffles.

 Now comes the Giveaway Fun Part!
Below are the 4 headbands (great for both adults and kids) our Giveaway Winner will get to choose from.
Lucky you. :)

Rules For Entering this Giveaway: (CLOSED)
You will have 3 chances to win.
(leave a separate comment for each) that you:

1. Become a Follower of Mama Jill's Blog 
2. Leave a comment here of what goody you liked best.
3. Like Mama Jill on FB.
4. Buy me something pretty. :) OK. Just kidding.

 Good Luck! (CLOSED)

March 1, 2011

I want to give each of you the biggest hug EVER!

You have no idea what you all have done to encourage me and motivate me to get going with my shop!
And guess what?  

I was SHOCKED that you all said to keep my name!  

But after reading all your comments I realized...


It means so much to me and has so much meaning!
You all are brilliant and I just love you and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.