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January 16, 2012

DIY Arrow Valentines

Did you all think I forgot you? Could never are all so dear to me. But I have been trying to let this broken arm heal and it has made me a bit restless. I actually walked around the block the other day and just basked in the glorious solidarity of it. Meaning...I was alone!! And my girls became dreadfully sick. I truly wish you could see me propelling my one armed self out of bed at all hours of the night. My husband yells at me to lay down but those are my babies...broken arm or not I have to take care of them. :)

So I got in some crafting. I almost did not post these. Taking photos was totally challenging and one arm crafting is just plain hilarious! But then I figured with all the flaws, it might impress some of you that I did these one handed. Well, one handed with some right handed holding of objects. So take these with a grain of salt and hopefully you can at least come away a wee bit inspired. 
These are made with wood dowels painted white. I glued fabric, felt, and lace arrow heads and "feathers" while wrapping the middles with odds and ends like pieces of measuring tape, washi tape, yarn, and ribbon. I love the look of the random numbers from the measuring tape. Really fun.
I attached these painted wooden tags tied on with bakers twine. From left to right the hearts are made from red ticking, pink yarn, red felt, and white lace.
A message is easily written on the back to your special Valentine. These would make great gift embellishments or even use as clues for a scavenger hunt. Leave them around the house attached to little treats for your spouse or kids. They were a ton of fun to make and I bet more so with two hands!
 I have more fun ideas coming...slowly. But they will come. :)

I am also dreadfully notorious for sharing big news here on the blog and then show up with a craft and never mention anything else. So here is the latest on my arm...I have an appointment Thursday and I am praying I can be cleared to DRIVE! I am pain free and can move a lot better but the arm is atrophied so I am working on that. I do not have a true cast. Just a splint and ace bandage that I can take off to shower and work on moving my arm. I am assuming some PT is in my near future.

We have had neighbors and friends blessing our family with meals, driving Cati home from school, and just loving our family up. I am humbled by our friends and church family.

But the reality of it all set in this week when I found out from a neighbor that the paramedics said people typically don't survive a fall like that. Then yesterday my husband was up in the attic and I literally started crying in a full fledged panic. Those who know me in real life know this is not really me. I guess seeing the ceiling move and buckle as my husband walked around that hole FREAKED ME OUT!

I'll catch up with you soon friends. Hugs to each of you!