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November 17, 2012

Casually Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape

Sooooo...anyone still with me out there?  I always feel like I come back to post with a bunch of excuses for why I am so haphazard with blogging.  All I can say is...I will blog when I can.  I love blogging and I pray I always will keep up with it.  But for now...this season of my life is calling me to focus on managing my home and being available to my girls. Blogging is no longer a full time aspiration for me but a wonderful hobby where I hope I can continue to foster old relationships and make some new ones too.

So I am thinking a nice seasonal post with some Thanksgiving inspiration (a tad last minute) was a GREAT idea. And tablescapes are my heart and why I don't do more of them on here...I just don't know.  
Probably because I have like 2 hours of optimal sunlight to do it and I am usually knee deep into something else during peak photo shoot time. Which is why I LITERALLY dragged my dining room table through two french doors to my porch to take these photos.