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October 27, 2013

Holiday Mason Jar Extravaganza

The holidays are fast approaching and the blog world is getting in the spirit of the season! And you are invited to be part of an upcoming event hosted by 12 bloggers to make some holiday mason jar crafts!

October 23, 2013

Jack-o-lantern Sandwich for Kids

Hey friends.  Is your Fall in full swing like mine?  I have been in the pumpkin-y, Fallish mood so much this year.  I think I am making up for our heat and just pretending its boots weather.  Which I wore the other day in protest of the 89 degree weather.  I may have been sweating like a fool but I like to think I looked like a Fall morning in my beloved boots. ;)

So in my pumpkin-y mood,  I decided to fall up the girls lunch yesterday.  A little cookie cutter and some chocolate chips turned their boring peanut butter sandwiches into cute little jack-o-lanterns!

October 15, 2013

Jack-O-Lantern Pinata

Hey pretty people.  Not sure if you caught this post over at Eighteen25 for their awesome September Spooktacular.  But my project was this adorable Jack-o-lantern Pinata.

And guess what? I have never made one before.  I have done paper mache and I figured a balloon would work but the rest was me winging it.  And I was surprised to find out that it's really easy!

Here's how I did me....

October 11, 2013

Friday Finds: Spotted on Etsy

Hello dear friends.
You know and I know...we all know...I am not exactly a consistent blogger.  But I am really trying hard to fix that and get back on track.  But as most of you know....blogging is crazy hard work.  So I would love to share things I come across that are absolutely too lovely to share. I hope to share these finds on Fridays.  I am not...I REPEAT...I am not committing to a weekly post.  I just can't.  But when I get the chance, I would love to come here and share some pretty things I find around the web.

I found such lovely Fall things on Etsy this week.  Since I live in Florida, I am a wee bit envious of all you cute things wearing your sweaters and boots. I so miss living in a place where you can own multiple coats. Sigh. I digress. OK.  Back to pretty things. Since I want to support handmade, and I am in an Autumnal mood, here are a few things I absolutely adore...

I adore this hand drawn Fall clip art titled "It's Fall Y'all" from Recipe for Crazy. I mean...she even has my beloved PSL!  I about died when I saw that.  So cute and I love the simple colors and sweet style. Check out the rest of her prints.  This one is my other favorite.

October 10, 2013

Apple Pie Kit + Printable

I'm praying you are not sick of the apple pie thing.  I promise today is the last day of all things apple pie.  But this one is short, quick, and super cute.

I have a thing for putting things in a little kit.  It makes ordinary things cute.  It's true. So this super easy apple pie kit would make a great teacher or hostess gift this fall.

October 8, 2013

Paper Bag Apple Pie

So as promised I told you I would show you my pie. Isn't that the craziest name for a pie?  I came across this recipe in a magazine years ago, copied it down and made it because I was so intrigued by the title. You literally bake it inside a paper bag. I tried it and it has become a family favorite.

October 7, 2013

Fall Leaf Pie Picks

It's Fall Y'all!
These very words are actually written on my chalkboard above the fireplace.  You may ask why this is necessary since this should be obvious...but not to us Floridians melting in the "Fall" humid air.  Upper 80's ain't no Fall, you feel me?  So this Autumn loving girl "fall's up her house" with leaves, pumpkins and orangey goodness along with the actual message that IT IS INDEED FALL. This is to make up for the summer weather that feels like a guest who won't leave.
Ah and speaking of leaves...