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October 12, 2011

Stunning Velvet Plush Pumpkins

First off...I did NOT make these.

But I DID win them. So I had to share. Funny that I don't really enter giveaways. But I had to enter this one over at the Lettered CottageI mean, look at them! And amazingly enough...out of 2000 entries...I won. They are from this amazing shop called LoveFeast Table. They have these for sale in their shop while offering several gorgeous color combinations. They were made by Plush Pumpkin and they are truly divine.

Oh my word I had no idea how one could have this deep abiding affection for pumpkins. I believe they are the most beautiful pumpkins in the whole universe.  Truly.
Velvet pumpkins with real pumpkin stems??!! 
Plushy and pretty in these delicious colors called Stone, Mushroom, Platinum, Sapphire, Snow and Dew??! 

They just about did me in as I opened my box with more giddiness then what would be considered cool.  I often wonder if my husband looks back on our courtship and has admiration for the savvy way I hid my ever present nerdiness until after the wedding.
Look at this teeny one my 3 year old is he not the cutest little thing?

The little care card says that because they are made with natural materials it is probably best to keep them out year round or store them in an air tight container.  I have never considered having pumpkins out all year but these beauties I think may be a year round treat for the eyes at this house.
If you love these and wish to pin them...I suggest pinning or bookmarking them from the LoveFeast Table website where I won the giveaway.  Thanks a bunch!
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PS.  Andrea, owner of The Cottage Market just posted these gorgeous shabby pumpkins she made.  Please visit her blog and take a peek.


  1. Those are so fun! What pretty little pumpkins! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those pumpkins ARE divine! Congratulations on winning them. Your photography of the pumpkins is just wonderful.

  3. oh Jessica! these are drop dead GORGEOUS!!!! i love them and can feel there velvety goodness with my minds eye! absolutely fabulous -- thanks for sharing them with us and i hope you get years and years of harvest happiness from them and i am sure you will!!! hugs to you and yours family! : )
    sorry i had to delete my first comment...too many typos : ) hugs!

  4. I'm jealous! They are gorgeous!!

  5. Boys sleeping + late night blogging = able to make it through a post :)

    Those are delicious!!! They really are!!! & the colors!!! You HAD to win them..they are so...YOU!!! I feel like you just had some more children :)

    Oh & good call on the nedry hiding thing until you had him locked in ...well done my friend, well done...

    headed over there to pin :)

  6. I love seeing all the different pumpkin ideas girls can come up with! These are really fun! Congrats on winning them! ♥

  7. OH LUCKY GIRL you!!!! These are incredible! (I don't think I would have to patience to make them though ... I would need to win them to have them.) ;)

  8. We are so happy for you!!
    Hey - we are going to be doing a giveaway of our Pumpkins sometime the first few days of November! (If you want to share the news or try again yourself (who says you can't win from two different blogs?)- stop by our table then!
    Enjoy & Happy Fall from the LoveFeast Girls
    Chris Ann & Kristin

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Love the pumpkins, I am giving you the Versatile blogger award, because I love reading your blog:

  10. I love the velvet look for the pumpkins! I love love pumpkins of all kinds :)

  11. I saw that giveaway at TLC & saw how many entries there were & immediately thought "There is no way I will win!" LOL! Congratulations friend! They are gorgeous!


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