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December 28, 2011

Simple New Years Horn Favor

Well hey there sweet friends!  

I am hoping you had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed every memory making moment.  Ours was absolutely lovely until sickness fell over all of us. I have completely lost my voice! But I still have my blog voice so I still can write!  Woo Hoo!

I am on a creative hiatus at the moment. To be honest, I am enjoying just being a mom and a wife. Keeping house.  Photographing the girls instead of pretty things (though they are 2 of the prettiest things I have ever seen ♥).

In the meantime, since I am contracted each holiday to make cute favors, I thought I would share another one I did for New Years.
I ordered a bulk amount of silver party horns and decided to make a little mini subway art styled card to attach to each one with some pink ribbon. For those I used Avery's printable post cards.  I'm not even sure I did the subway art correctly...I kind of crammed some phrases together until I liked it. :) But it turned out cute so that's all that matters.
I have to send all these favors all over the country so obviously they need to be mailed. I am always challenged to come up with a cost effective way to make and ship these favorss. To avoid being crushed, I filled the inside with filler. In case you like this idea to send to people, I included what I did.

1. I cut strips of tissue paper and stuffed them all the way in to the bottom.
2. They were filled about 3/4 way with tissue paper
3. The ends are pink crinkle filler paper for a little festive look.
4. Using a hole punch, i made two holes at the top for the ribbon.
5. I attached the card to the horn with a little bow.
So simple and a super fun way to wish a happy new year.  Or even a fun birthday or New Years party invitation. They also would make great New Year party favors too (shown in top photo) as the countdown to midnight approaches.  

Grab it, print it, use it!

Oh, and soon I will be taking down my bloggy Christmas decorations and going back to normal.  
It feels like it all went by so fast! 
Hopefully the New year will bring more fun ideas and tutorials to share with you.
And I may be adding a linky party to the crafty sea of linky parties!
What do you think?



  1. So, so cute! Love the tag and especially the crinkly filler paper coming out the end. Happy New Year!

  2. Very cute. It would make a great invitation too!

  3. Seriously you amaze me! I am continually inspired by your blog- the ideas, the photos, the writing. You rock! Hope y'all feel better soon!
    :) Samantha

  4. this is so adorable! LOVE IT! thanks for posting!

    Happy new year!!



  5. Lovely idea! I love your blog too, mine is also very pink :)I am your newest follower btw! x

  6. Really nice idea for a table top, and it looks pretty and festive! I really like the card :-)

  7. picture perfect each and every time! do you do it!!!!! this blog is just the best!!!! and so are you! : ) holiday hugs..!!!!!!!

  8. Hi there! So I'm new to your blog but I was shuttled over here by The Girl Creative so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I love this cute and simple idea for a favor too. With the New Year right on the heels of Christmas, I like to try to take things a little easy with the decor so thanks for sharing this. It can get a tad overwhelming. I highly commend your decision to pause on crafts for a bit and concentrate on your girls. Children grow so fast so grab those precious moments when you get them. Every photo you take of your lovely girls will mean so much more than the best photo you take of any craft. :)

  9. Just found your blog and I AM IN LOVE!!

  10. So cute! Wish I was hosting a party!! Hope you guys are feeling better!!

  11. The colors are so fun! I never would have thought of the pink & the silver for a party for New Years...of course I have a red kitchen so I don't think I could pull it off unless we held the party in ANnie's room! :)

    I am so glad to hear you are enjoying just being Mama & taking a tiny creative break...girl you wear me out! I found right before Christmas I did the same thing....just be Mom :) Your brain isn't resting though....I know you... :)

  12. I love this! Thanks for sharing!! :) Happy New Year!

  13. sending healing hugs my friend!!!! can't wait to talk with you again but i know you need your rest!!!! love to all!


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