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March 21, 2013

Painted Soda Crate: Four Ways to Get Organized

I know.  Its been forever.  
No, like a REALLY long time.
I pray you are still there ready for another post from me.  I hope to write a post soon about why I have been gone so long but for now I want to just share this fun little drink crate I revamped as well as some ideas on how to organize with it.
I picked a couple crates up at a flea market and used them for decorating but one never quite fit.  It didn't look quite right.  We all know paint improves everything. So do happy words.  I got to work and gave it a pale, minty green makeover with hello sunshine stenciled on the side.
The inside needed some love too. Some of the boards were cracked off and the inside of something always needs an element of surprise.  So lets make it pretty and more functional. I grabbed some happy scrapbook paper and mod podged it to foam board that I cut into squares and gluing them into the bottom of each section. I'm currently using it to house my pencils and art supplies but I brain stormed other fun ideas and decided to style some for you...

I even use this one in my dining room to store some party supplies or I put the vintage tablecloths (on the left) inside the crate when I need more shelf room.

I researched some more ideas that are great organization, display and storage solutions...

Happy Crate re-purposing!


  1. so happy to see a post from you!! i was just wondering a couple weeks ago where you had gone to. hope everything has been okay. welcome back!!
    jen :)

  2. I KNEW you'd be back someday. So glad it's today. :) Missed you, friend.

  3. Good to see you back! I love the colors on the crate - so many fun uses!

  4. Jessica!!! Glad to see you blogging again!!! Love this!! Now you need to take me flea marketing so I can find wonderful treasures like this too!! So nice to see you yesterday :)

  5. I have two crates and I never know what to do with them! Living the last pic of the crate on wheels! Might be a Kelly project! Although I've been working the poor guy to death lately so I might wait a bit!

    Love reading you on your blog!

  6. I love these ideas! Especially the one with the yarn. I might have to try that :)

  7. you really have great ideas !
    thanks for sharing all these beautiful creations

    kisses from Brittany
    Emilie aka la marmotte

  8. wow, now im really kicking myself for bypassing the one i saw the other day:) i love all of your ideas!

  9. So glad you are back and wow what an awesome idea to make a comeback with!! I have a couple of these crates and have never thought of using them for storage...I use mine as a planter and the other for displaying small collectibles. Think I might just make a change now!! TFS and take care.

  10. Noooo WAY!!!!! My Sunshine is Back!!!! I've MISSED YOU And Your Gorgeous Projects SOOOOOOO!!!! But You already Knew that! :)

  11. Hopping over from Rubies! Beyond adorable, she was right!! So nice to meet you!!

  12. I have one that holds cookbooks on top of our fridge that I love! Seeing your ideas, I need more!

  13. Well, apparently everybody knows about your blog except for me, so I didn't get a chance to miss you:)

    I came from Jaime's blog, Raising up Rubies, and it's nice to meet you! I 'll be adding you to my reader.
    It's always wonderful to meet a new sister in Christ.

    My blog isn't open yet, since I also took an extended leave from blog world and started from scratch, but it will probably be up and running soon!

  14. This post makes me happy! :) Happy to see you back & as always, love your adorable creations!

  15. Hello Jessica! Welcome back. I love your Hello Sunshine Crate and I'm so glad Jamie shared your Blog with me. I've been wanting a crate for a long time and you've given me many more reason to get one. I love them all. Your projects Are all so cute and I thank you for sharing them :)

  16. I just found your site for the very first time today via Raising up Rubies, and am absolutely blown away by your talent. I've been going through all your creations and it's like everything you've created would "fit" me perfectly. I guess I'm trying to say, that I love your style, as it's how I'd like my home to look. Anyway, definitely a new follower, and looking forward to reading lots more! :-).
    Trinity @ Ramsay Grace

  17. Great ideas now to just find one!

  18. i'm in serious love with your hello sunshine crate - sigh! and organizing thrown in too....yay! xo

  19. So nice to see you back. Very pretty post on the crates too. God bless you!


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