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August 8, 2013

Tinkerbell Party Favors

How bout how I came back to blogging and then just left again?  Seriously, I have the best intentions to stay consistent but there is this thing called LIFE that keeps me adjusting my priorities and blogging always gets kicked to the curb.  I am feeling like eating, clean clothes and house, driving my kids to VBS, planning and being present in my girl's life and birthday parties (instead of blogging about them) take precedence. But it's hard to balance it all.  Can I get a witness?

But when school starts in September, I am thinking I will have more time. No, really I mean it. After meal planning, laundry, cleaning, shopping, homeschooling...I will get to it when I can. :)

So Ella's astronaut party came and went. Did I take pictures?  Not a lot unfortunately.  We had a blast though and it hurt my heart a little that my Ella turned 5. Still young but definitely not my baby anymore. Now it is two weeks later and we are planning Cati's 7th birthday with a Tinker Bell party. So I am being intentional to share as much as I can with you.
Today I just got finished with the party favors for the girls. I thought it would be cute to gift her little girlfriends with some glitter nail polish (like pixie dust!) in little burlap bags. I made them from burlap garland and I have a tutorial for that here. This time I just made the bags a bit more narrow to fit the little nail polish bottles in there.

I also used paper leaves and stamped "Pixie Polish" on varying styles of green leaves.  I used smaller leaves to write each guest name.  This is a small party so it makes it fun to pay attention to the details.
I tied off each bag with thin, hemp twine and that's it. Very Pixie Hollow-ish, don't you think?
It's a great alternative to candy goody bags and I'm also having them make some crafts as a takeaway too.

More on that soon sweet friends! I will be back...I think. I hope. :)


  1. My recently-turned 6-girlie would LOVE!! She's obsessed with fairies, and polish evidently now! Even my older girlie would love!!!

  2. Fab party favour, love the natural look of the bags - very pixie hollow :)

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  3. very cute! Love the nail polish instead of candy idea :)

  4. There is gonna be some squealing & giggling over there!!! Just darling!

  5. I'll be your witness. My blog is utterly neglected, and I am enjoying my kid time so much this summer. Life is good. I'll probably return to more regular posting in September as well. :)

  6. they look like Tink made them herself! with her cute little lost things needle and thread (we're die hard tinkerbell fans, we want to live in her house. for real.) such a cute idea cause you're so smart. ♥


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