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November 30, 2013

Fast and Simple Photo Advent Calendar

OK.  So I know it is the last day of November.  I am getting this in by the skin of my teeth because I am literally creating an advent calendar at the last minute. GAH! But I figured some of you are still in a turkey fog (like me) and need a quick last minute advent idea to kick off December tomorrow (again, like me). And have all day tomorrow too. See?  I enable the procrastination further. That's a true DIY friend.
Anyway.  Here is what you need to get...

25 Kraft Paper envelopes
printable number tags (I got mine here)
black and white photos from past family Christmases
clips and /or twine for hanging
washi tape or glue stick to attach numbers
Punch out your numbers and use a glue stick to attach to your envelopes.  Or use them as hanging tags or whatever your crafty brain comes up with.  I was going for fast today!
Now the hardest part is the photos.  If you are organized with yours (unlike me) and can get them printed in no time...then you are just plain awesome.  I just picked out some favorites over the years, edited them to black and white and sent them off to Walgreen's to get them developed in an hour.

It was hard to choose which ones I liked best.

Looking at these photos made my heart swell 4 sizes bigger.  Time flies by SO QUICKLY. Seeing my girls as itty bitty babies or my husband and I with younger faces...oh my. But this is so fun because each day the girls will be able to pull out a new photo and delight in a past Christmas memory.  And obviously, you don't have to use just Christmas pictures. Simply use nostalgic ones to make this a special advent for you and your family.

Some of the photos can be funny or sweet...
...or your favorite moment or memory. You can do family shots from different years of Christmas cards, or just the kids, or whatever your heart desires.
I decided to pop my photos in my envelope with the seal facing outward. 

I sealed each one with gold and silver washi tape which matches my Christmas decor.
I decided not to use the twine at the last minute and instead hung each one with a small clothespin on a white frame backed with chicken wire.  Each time we remove a photo, we will hang it in place of the envelope.

Because we are traveling this year, I am excited that I can easily take the remaining envelopes with me on our trip and still enjoy the rest of the photos.

I am so excited that this is my advent calendar for this year.  Do you think of you might like to try this? Drop me a quick note and tell me what you think or let me know what kind of advent you and your family do at home.  I would love some new ideas for inspiration.  Can' t wait to hear from you!



  1. This is fabulous! What a sweet idea. I love the idea of using pictures.

    This is ours...

    It holds candy, nativity figurines, and bible verse for each day. The bible verses collectively tell the Christmas story. :)

  2. What a sweet idea! It looks great with the envelopes, and I'm sure it will look lovely with the photos too!

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVE this!!! Love the pictures - you've captured some great ones through the years. What a precious way to celebrate the Advent of Christmas!!!


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