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July 15, 2014

Working on Opening an Etsy Shop....Someday

Well it's been quite some time, hasn't it?  I assume my readership has decreased drastically and I have no one but myself to blame.  But honestly...blogging is just not that important to me anymore. Wait...scratch that.  I actually LOVE blogging.  I love creating.  Taking photos of what I create. And posting them to share with wonderful YOU. 

I feel tugged in gazillion directions and something always needs to give and its usually the old blog.  I seriously want the secret formula to being a great wife and mom while having a thriving blog.  Is it 2 hours sleep?  Do people make their kids their own personal sweatshop and teach then to use hot glue guns and photoshop like a boss?  Seriously, it takes many hours for me to pour into blog projects.  Too many hours.

Just today my kids were asking me about kinds of clouds.  And what they are called.  And the shapes they form. And I just wanted to freeze the moment knowing that their precious heart and inquisitive minds are what I need to pour into.  You have heard all of this before. My lamenting about my blogging slackerness.  No, you can't use it in scrabble but its totally a word. And here I am doing it again. 

I even have this dream of opening an Etsy shop.  Instagram has been so inspirational with talented people who got my rear in gear and I started cranking out stuff for a little old shop.  And blogging went "poof!"  Instagram became my new bestie pic + one sentence ='re done.  Now that's my speed as of late. 

THEN...summer came.  And my whole world changed. Kids are home all.the.time. We are actually tackling full time homeschool next year.  I started Whole 30 (holy cow is eating like that life changing) Vacations happened. And then...all my Etsy making just stopped too.
I look into these little faces who ask me to dance to the Frozen soundtrack or bake cookies or snuggle and I'm like..."What is more important than THAT?"

So I am kind of doing things here and there. Slowly but surely.  If you follow me on IG you have seen the above pictures of things I love creating for parties and packaging.  Hopefully some things will be in my shop. Someday. Who knows?

Just wanted to check in.  Say hi.  Catch you up a bit.  
Hope all of you are doing wonderful.


  1. You are so sweet to check in!
    I've always loved your pics and projects but you have to do what gives you joy!
    I have Cutie Pie Cottage on facebook book now, too.
    Facebook is easier and I get a lot more interaction from people but I'm still blogging a bit, too.
    I have plenty of time to do both because I have an empty nest now!
    Enjoy your girls. ♥

    1. You always have been an encouragement to me. Thanks for understanding. An empty nest!?? I can't imagine that yet...not do I even want to!! I love that you are on FB now and I will check you out. Love to you sweet Holly!

  2. kindred hearts! i have been out of the "blogging" world lately too (posting AND surfing others' blogs). i thought i'd check out what you have been up to lately and was like i was reading my own life. like you, i want to be able to have time and energy to do it ALL....but i am realizing (at god's ever-so-gentle nudging) that my two blessings i call daughters, are MORE important! it is hard to balance passions and desires god has given us with one of our greatest callings-our children (especially when some of those "things" can bring glory to Him also) . just started a bible study called "restless" by jennie allen...she had me at "what if the things we love to do...our passions, desires, etc...collided with god's will for us." (loosely translated). check it out...ya know, during all that FREE time you have! ha ha! thanks again for speaking to my soul and reminding me of my priorities. god bless!

  3. forgot to mention....i JUST started the whole 30 as well...seriously, what were we thinking starting it in summer...time of barbecues and chocolate chip cookies, and desserts? currently on day 3...

  4. I still love reading your posts, no matter how often you post!!

  5. That's a great idea! An Etsy shop should be a smart extension for your blog, and your online presence at that. You get to branch out a venue that you can amply monetize, in aid of yourself and whatever other pursuits you might have. That should be a nice step forward for the business your trying to cook up. Good luck!

    Clwyd Probert @ Whitehat


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