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June 23, 2015

4th of July Sippers with Darby Smart

For awhile now, I have wanted to update one of my most popular projects which was my Mason Jar Sippy Cups from a few years ago.  I was excited to add some paper straws, modern paper, and put a fun twist on one of the easiest projects I have ever done. I presented it to my friends at Darby Smart and they agreed to make this great project into a kit! 
I could not be more thrilled!!

Most of you who visit my blog know that I love projects that are simple but make an impact. That's what is so great about this project.  Its easy, festive, and best of all...FAST!
So here is the updated version of this project with some fun little tags to add to the mix.
Here is what you need to make this project come together...
Mason jars with lids, paper straws, nautical or patriotic card stock paper, hole punch, scissors, pencil
optional: mason jar stamp, ink pad, silver or black ink pen, glue stick and twine. 
 Step 1: Take your flat lid and trace it on the backside of your card stock.
 Step 2: Punch a hole for your straw in your circle.
 Step 3: Place your card stock circle on top of the jar which is taking the place of your flat lid.
 Step 4: Screw on your outer lid to tighten the card stock lid.

Tightening the outer lid makes the paper inside rigid and you can poke a straw through it creating a festive, 4th of July drink.  How fun is that?

Next, you can create mason jar tags that are perfect for a 4th of July greeting, labeling the type of drink in your mason jar or even name tags for your party guests.
Step 1: Gather your tag making materials.
Step 2: Stamp your mason jar on kraft paper or card stock
Step 3: Using coordinating paper, hand tear a separate piece of paper for your label.
Step 4: Write your message, punch a hole and thread with twine.*

*Tie twine around neck of mason jar for added cuteness too!! :)  '

What is so great about this project is you can buy it as a kit through Darby Smart. You can purchase whatever you need including the jars, card stock, stamp, ink pad, and calligraphy pen. It comes in their happy little blue box right to your doorstep so you can get crafting! Check out the project and supply list here at Darby Smart.

Thanks for peeking in friends!
Stay tuned for a tutorial on those adorable star cupcake picks!

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