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I'm so glad you want to know me a little bit better! This is the first place I go when I find a new and inspiring blog.  I want to find out about the person behind the voice and creativity. So here goes...

I started this blog in 2009 just to share my thoughts and interests especially about my girls. And like most evolved into an unexpected space to share my creativity.  I began seeing a pattern of the types of DIY's I would share...usually having to do with holidays, packaging, or festive occasions.  

So I decided to do what I love... a blog about celebrating with a whole bunch of DIY's and inspiration. I adore working with paper, fabric, and yarn and I tend to use what I have on hand or find a new use for old things.

My heart Savior Jesus Christ, adoption, family, mixing modern + vintage, thrifting, baking, organic, fashion, books, integrity + truth, home, shoes, garlands, photography, organizing, my juicer, confetti, and lots of color... especially mint.

I also have a special story where I am very candid about my journey through infertility that resulted in the adoption of my oldest daughter and birth of my youngest daughter.  You can read about it here.

Welcome.  I'm so happy you are here.

P.S. Have a question or just need to contact me?  Drop me a note! I would love to hear from you.  twoshadesofpink {at} {gmail} {dot} {com}