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July 10, 2010

It's Not Fun Anymore

Dang it!  I missed my ONE year anniversary with this blog.  July 5th was the day and what did I do?  


So guess what I decided to do instead?


Can you tell the blog glow is fading for me?  

It's funny.  I decide to give my blog to God.  Totally.  Fully.  And it is not so important anymore. This utterly shocks me.  I'm serious.  I used to lose a follower and it was hard to choke down the ice cream I would turn to in total defeat and failure, lamenting at how I LOST ANOTHER ONE. In this carbohydrate induced haze, I would feel like a blog loser. 

But suddenly it is not so important.  In fact, I am actually wondering why I MADE IT so important. Well, I am not wondering.  I KNOW.  It was to feel good about myself.

But I have decided that I want to do more. WRITE more.  Share my heart.  And funny as this seems, I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to do Two Tips Tuesday anymore. So I am saying goodbye to my weekly post.

And I feel f r e e.

No worries, though.  I will post a craft now and then if I think they are fancy or fun for THE BLOG. I am a craft girl.  Can't change how God made me.  But I realized I was a slave to that Two Tips post.  If you had any idea how much effort I put into them...well, it doesn't matter.  What does matter is that it was fun but I am done.  Poetic. Nice.

I am sure this is not a big deal for a lot of you but it is for me.  This is just one more step to my being obedient to God and doing His will.

Funny that I find His will much more joyful than my own will.  And I find that when I trust Him, He never fails me.  Ever. His ways are so not mine.  Well, good.

Because my way never works.

So I am humming a sad but a kinda happy little dirge to Two Tips Tuesday.

So long, Tuesday post.  Now you will arrive each week as just another Tuesday.

And that is OK.


  1. Continuing to discover who you are and what your were created to be and amazing & wonderful! Way to listen, and walk in His way...Isn't it great to be free?!

  2. Good move, Jess. You are 100% correct about his will being more joyful than our own. Congratulations on your liberation. Can't wait to hear more about how God has been working in your life. :)

  3. Way to go, girl! But then, if you go to my blog right now, I think you can actually hear crickets so... :)

  4. your free!!!!
    i am happy and i really loved your 2tt!
    I SO understand!! God is always right :)
    i am just glad you didnt completely say
    good bye like Disney over at Ruffles and stuff!! she just announced she is no longer blogging :(
    she didnt even explain why!! i need closure!!! LOL

  5. Yeah for coming to that realization! I applaud you for your faithfulness and trusting God. It is very liberating when we step back and return things to Him, so much more peace!

  6. U rock! Love the blog even more now.
    your secret admirer

  7. Your post are spilling out of my head as I read with my own exact feelings. Thank you for that! I t feels good to know there is someone else out here that feels the same way. Thank God! Now you can enjoy your blog so much more b/c it is truly what God is blessing you with, you are allowing Him to use you as his vessel at the times that He feels fit.

  8. Well I think this frees you up to gives us tips all week and not just Tuesday! : ) LOL In all honestly, thank you for listening to God's guidance. It can only make things better! (Though sometimes it takes a while before the "better" is revealed...)

  9. I totally know how you feel. First off, my year anniversary for my blog was in June. I did nothing.

    I also got so involved with my blog that it started taking up too much time and unneeded patience on my part. It was getting to a point that I felt like I HAD to post and I hated felt more like a chore than something I loved and that wasn't why I started it.

    I will miss your Tuesday Tips but I'm totally supportive in your decision :) Good for you.

  10. Jessica

    I gave you the sunshine blogger award come to my blog and check it out!

    xo Sarah

  11. I have been relaxing on mine obviously too & it does feel good! I am so glad you are feling good about letting go a little, instead of guilt :) I totally needed a little break & I am coming back feeling like I will not post as much BUT I do want to keep it's a litl piece of us & our little creation isn't it :)

    I seriously think those little shades you made for the girl's rooms are AMAZINGLY cute! How could they not feel safe at home all tucked in with that little "Good Night" from their mommy smiling at them! Seriously just a sweet loving touch!

    Love the scones too! Maybe someday I will hunt down your recipie & make 'em! I am just trying to eat healthier now & if I make 'em...I'll eat WAY more than my share :) Your neighbors are so blessed! I hope a new nice neighbor will be moving in for you! We just got some new one next door & I think I scared them when I brought them flowers. She didn't open the door far or smile once. I am sure we will get to know each other over time but my heart is still longing for the ones who moved! But I will try again after they have been here for a few weeks :) Maybe I should bring her some scones :) But then again..I'd eat more than my share :) Anything with chocolate out..I'm hungry :)

    Loved catching up! Hopefully I will be on a little more to read up! I hate missing things!

  12. "Because my way never works."



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