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August 3, 2010

101 Useful Ideas for Wood Tags...OK. Only 4 Ideas. Maybe...5.

I saw these wood tags at Jo Jo's for .99 and I just had to pick some of them up.  Loved them but was not sure what I would do with them. Yet  I felt chalkboard paint was a simple and fun way to find some uses for them.  Here is what I came up with...
Chalkboard on a ring...Maybe flashcards? Or a fun little thing for kids to travel with and doodle on if they don't eat the chalk.
I also thought this would be a great idea to use as paint swatches for all the paint in your house.  Paint each one a color you have used in a room and put a label on the back with all the paint info like where you bought it, color and id number, etc.
Reusable post it notes!  
Just tack them right through the handy hole onto your bulletin board.
Well duh...basket labels.
I label my baskets.  And everything else.  I would label my forehead if possible.
Re-usable gift tags!  
I would love to get this and then pass it on.  How fun!
I had to show you this photo to illustrate my requirement that all my gifts are like Fort Knox and should be taped to the point that heavy machinery is required to remove the paper.
 This was fun but I got another package just itching to be experimented with.
I am thinking pretty blues, whites and greens to match the rest of my house and then go label loony.

What would YOU use them for?


  1. I think they would be cute hung from a drawer as a label for what's in the drawer... Also, I wonder if you could somehow put pictures on them. Modpodge maybe?

  2. Yes, yes.. I like Branalyn's ideas... I was thinking about rubberstamping on them (pigment ink then embossing!) You are very creative Jessica! I can't wait to see what you have next for us!

  3. Painting them with chalkboard paint was pure genius. I can't really be any more inventive than you...those were great ideas:)

  4. You are so clever!! I LOVE the idea of using them as gift tags!!

  5. Clever chalkboard paint idea, I never would of thought of it! Thanks for sharing, love it!

  6. Also, my Momma suggested clipping one that's chalkboard painted to the fridge and then keeping a running list on it and clipping it to your key ring on the way out the door that way you'd remember to go to the store and what to get. It's a good idea in theory, but i cannot imagine fitting my whole list on one of those. (She responded that she goes to the store almost everyday so her lists are very short lol) Also, I feel like if you had it there as a reminder to go to the store after work or other errands, it might accidentally get erased before you actually made it to the store...

  7. Oh how very cute! I think I need to get some of those tags now girl! Love your comment about packages being wrapped like Fort Knox, I do that too! One year we printed labels that said the gift was void if label was removed. I put them on all the seams of all the gifts, it was fun!

  8. Love the chalkboard paint and tag idea. You are a genius! Now, if I only knew how to use a paint brush...


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