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August 1, 2010

The Girl's Birthday Party

An amazing AND fun day with family and friends!
I wanted to just share with you some snap shots of the party.  Here we go...
Sweet little favors filled with BFF's amazing iced sugar cookies that were tiny pink and yellow stars to match the theme.
Yummy berry lemonade punch and silly straws make having a refreshing drink so much fun!
Mmmmm...chocolate chip scones made another appearance along with some yogurt parfaits.
Pretty paper cones filled with sugary sweet cotton candy
Flowers were yellow and two shades of pink :o) in mason jars with lemons. So fresh and pretty.
The girls became fairies with tutus I made for them and fairy wands made of felt and ribbons. 
Each tutu had a little girl's name on it and they had to find them hanging from the trees.
I love this photo of them finding their own tutu and Fairy Cati looking on full of excitement.
I made baby fairy wands with Popsicle sticks instead of dowels to keep those little ones safe.
After the boys and girls became pirates and fairies, they went on a little scavenger hunt in the yard searching for treasure and little fairy houses in the trees.  Apparently some little fairies have been up to some mischief in our new yard and it was up to the pirates and fairies to find the little toys and treats hidden in them.
Fairy Cati finding some treasure.  
Fairy Ella refused her Fairy Tutu and was somewhere clinging to her daddy.
Cati's birthday pin.
 Here are the felt eye patches and telescopes I made for the pirates but you can kind see them in the photos of all the cute pirates.  The telescopes were made from the tulle tubes I used for the tutu's.
 Instead of one cake, I used a muffin tin to make individual little ice cream cakes topped with hot fudge, Oreo crumbles, and whipped cream.  The bottom was also Oreo crumbles.
My amazing family full of smiles on the girl's special day!

P.S.  If any of you Sweet Friends want to know how I made anything just let me know and I would be happy to do a tutorial later. Just wanted to give you a party glimpse for now.
OK then. Off to RELAX!


  1. WOW! What a gorgeous party and a wonderful way to celebrate the beautiful blessing of your two little girls.

  2. You are one brave lady! What a great job! Love the tutus they had to find. and the treats in birdhouses!! I bet the girls were all giggly.
    I would like the recipe for the ice cream cakes. Sophie's 3rd b-day is in a couple weeks, I may steal some ideas...

  3. this turned out SO pretty!!!
    i love your craftiness my dear :)
    I am so sorry i havent stopped by lately.. i just been super busy b/c i am starting an online store and still n where near finished :(
    Did you make your own tutus??
    too adorable!

  4. Hi Jessica! What a SUPER cute birthday party you threw for Ella. Your girls are SO aDorABle!! You're so crafty I love it! As soon as I saw that oreo icecream thing - oh my goodness - I thought, I've gotta email her for the details. Then I saw your offer for a tutorial - YAY!

    Thanks for your comment by the way. I sincerely appreiciate it! ;).

    Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!

  5. Jessica, You've set the bar for kids' birthdays pretty high! The girls' party was FABULOUS! The kids and I had a beautiful time. I want tutorials/recipes for EVERYTHING! (please)

  6. That party looked like so much fun! You are a great mom making wonderful memories for two girls. Thanks for sharing. Love the tutus and wands and everything!

    Curious, did you use those bean bags you made?
    I'm interested in the berry lemonade punch recipe.


  7. Your kids are fortunate to have such a creative mommy! :) I'm most definitely following your blog. You have a beautiful family. Please do post more!

  8. I was planning on doing tutus and pirate eye patches for my daughter's b-day that is coming up, but I hadn't thought of telescopes. What a great idea!! It looks like it was a beautiful party and I bet all those kiddos had a great time!

  9. You are so very creative! Everything was absolutely beatiful!! One question, how do you have the time to do all of this with out feeling overwhelmed. Please tell me, do you have a help fairy or something that i can borrow?

  10. Wow. Glad you all had a great day - i can tell by the SMILES on your faces. Thanks for sharing xx

  11. WOW! You are an amazing mommy! Want to come do my birthday ????

  12. Jessica!!! THat had to be the most amazing party ever! I can't believe you made ALL the girls Tutus! I made just one for Annie & I will never make another :) You are one patient girl! they turned out so pretty!!! & those telescopes & the eye patches! Adorable!!! I will have to steal some ideas when Bo gets old enough for a friend party (I totrue them & make them wait until 5) :) But it was so fun to see cute things for the little guys too! LOVE the bff cookie idea! & all the details & my absolute favorite thing was all the smiles all over the place!!! I bet everyone went to bed with smiles on their faces! I think I might just thinking of your party! I better go I hear footsteps running around upstairs & the kids were put in bed a loooong time ago :) My money is on Bo. Thanks for sharing your pictures!!! What beautiful memories you made for those little dollies!

  13. Oh my word!!! You outdid yourself!!! AMAZING!

  14. It really was an amazing party for the girls. My favorite picture had to be Cati's smile as she's about to blow out her candles. It's gotta be worth all the time and effort just for that. We were so grateful to be a part of their special day, and I can only imagine, after looking at all the pictures, how much TIME and LOVE you put into it...(and I thought I was tired on Saturday!!). Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  15. Cuteness! Everything looks so good. The yogurt parfaits looks so good, and the ice cream...reallllly good! Fun stuff!

  16. Well, you are probably sick of me saying this but I will say it again anyway. You. Are. Amazing!!

    Seriously, are such a great mama, a creative soul who's heart is much too big for the rest of her.



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