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September 7, 2010


First day of Pre-K!  

I can't believe today arrived so quickly!  My emotions have been all over the place today as I have cried on and off.  And funny thing is, I am not sure why.  I would have assumed that this would have been easier.  I mean, it is not even considered an official GRADE yet.  But she is gone from 9-3 two days a week and home schooled on one.  And today the house felt extra quiet.
We started the morning with some excitement.  I think Cati was a little scared because she would not eat her breakfast and she was a tad grumpy. Look at her just picking at her eggs. And yes.  She LOVES eggs.

Then I took a gazillion photos outside of her and  I kept getting a fake smile.  You all would never know but I am sure so many of you can relate.  YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR CHILDREN ARE JUST BARING THEIR TEETH...humoring us old folks.

This one is real.
This one is NOT.
Nope.  Not this one either.She looks a bit like a deer in headlights here.
But she is still so cute my heart can't take it.
We got to school and Cati found her seat with her name on it. And looky there...bored already even before it begins.  She's like, "OK Peeps.  When's this party gettin' started?"
Actually, I truly think she was nervous.
Sister hugs.  
Ella is NOT happy to be away from her sister.  
All day she has been reminding us, "Cati's at goool."
The best family pic we could get...but I love it.  What an amazing memory to look back on.

Libbie, did ya see the lunch box?
Libbie and I had a contest to see who would be first to post a first day of school pic.
She won. 
Dang it.  But it was fun!


  1. Cati is so adorable! Hope she has a great day!
    Are you homeschooling? I wish I could but then again, do I?

  2. What took you so long :) Just kidding!

    I typed out this wayy too long comment & I have no idea what I did to erase it!

    I totally noticed the lunch box right away! We have such good taste! I knew I liked you! Doesn't that lil' frog just make you smile!

    Cati looks adorable!!! I hope she had a wonderful day!!! It is so hard to send our babies off!!!

    I love the family pic! Just captured life so honestly! That is the best kind!

    I hope Ella's day wasn't too long! bo took his nap 2 hours early! & if I have to play Don't Spill the Beans with him one more time I might die!!

    I gotta get making Annie's welcome home first grader poster befoer Bo wakes up!

    Oh & my lil sis popped over to read your blog from mine & fell in love with ya! She is not a blogger so she prob dind't leave a message but she loved your witness for Christ!

    Hope the school day goes fast! Take Care Slowpoke! :) (i couldn't resist...I am a bad know the smack talk kind :)

  3. Ahhh...she looks so cute!!

  4. Target? lol I love it! And idk if you meant it this way, but the title made me think of Nemo.

  5. Oh! she is so pretty! I get thie silly fake smile too often. I remember doing that to my mom as a kid too.

    I hope she had a great day :)

  6. Couldn't wait to see the "first day" pics! I was thinking about you ALL day today!!! I'll call you sometime - maybe tomorrow. Wanna hear more about how she did! She is so beautiful - what a big girl!!

  7. I just came back here to see Cati again ! She is just way too cute & right away when I saw her I couldn't help but pray for her today. I think this will be a loooong week for the girls & they will be wiped out! Annie was!
    -Of course she said she wasn't tired at all :)

  8. These photos are GREAT! Cati is so beautiful. She looks adorable in her school uniform along with her hair done up so cute! I'm thinking about you guys (so far away... just kidding!)

  9. How exciting and sad to see them grow, right? and Libby are cracking me up!


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