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September 28, 2010

In Case You're Interested...

Today I feel so honored to be featured over at she wears flowers with my dear friend Tammy.  We have become wonderful bloggy friends and she is one of the most amazing crafty people!  I was actually her very 1st follower and incredibly proud of it!!!  Her blog has grown so much and she has been featured all over blogland with her inspiring craftiness.

What is so humbling to me is that she actually did not start following my blog for my was for my writing which is actually where my passion lie.  Don't get me wrong...I can not go a week without getting my craft on. But writing from my heart is why I do this blog and I was so fascinated to read about what made her start reading two shades of pink.  I am flattered and very honored to be featured by her. 

So if you would like to check it out, click here.


  1. Following her now!
    love you my dear!

    I am going to have a grand opening for my shop soon! I wanted to know if you would like to have one of your followers win a gift cert. to my shop?
    that is a link for how my DYI printable party collection looks like!
    Hope you like! :)

  2. Hey! How awesome! I went over there earlier and read her post - it was so sweet. I need to leave her a comment, too - as it was the first time I've gone over and visited her blog.
    Oh, and I want to see you in pigtails sometime... I think you'd look adorable! Chopped mine off tonight!

  3. I will go visit her blog next, but I wanted to say that I too became a follower because of your writing, although I love your craftiness as well. We also have a lot in common: Christian, infertile(me,12 years), and I love being creative! Plus your girls are so cute and the stories of them are funny, cute or precious. You inspire me, so thank you.


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