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December 1, 2010

Gift Wrap Ideas: Day 3

Felt +Yarn on Kraft Paper

I am incredibly excited about these wrapping ideas because not only are they kid friendly,  but they can be used throughout the year for virtually any occasion.  They are simple to make and require no tutorial because they are that easy!
This little pennant bunting makes me is so happy looking!  All I did was cut out small triangles from various colored felt and glued (with fabric glue like Fabri tac) along a length of yarn that I had pre-measured to the width of the wrapped book. There are 3 separate strands there with 7 pennants on each one.
It can not get more festive then this!
 This one is super easy too.  I selected green, blue, and white pom poms and threaded them on a length of thread with a needle and just taped the ends to the back. These are just pom poms from the dollar tree that I used from a Christmas color pack and pastel pack.  I liked the look of this but then thought of a way the kids could do it too without a sharp needle to handle...
 Here they are glued in a grid pattern right onto the craft paper.
I have to say I like the look of this one so much better.
 So pretty and kinda modernish.  I totally dig it.
 Or how about getting festive with a Christmas Tree?  
Seriously, you could have a blast with the kids doing this.
 This is one of my favorites for the fact that it is simple, inexpensive, and FAST! 
I just wrapped two different colored yarn around the middle of the box.  One color at a time in a haphazard pattern.  Just tape the ends to the back.  Cute, cute, cute.
 Here are 2 pom poms made with white thread but tied at the ends of one long piece of yarn.
Above, they are tied close together on top of the gift.
Here I kind of left them hanging, looking kind of like the ends of a knit hat. 
So cozy looking.
Oh, and isn't all the craft paper cool too?
I like that it highlights the embellishments instead of the wrapping paper being the star of the show.

Hope you like Day 3 because it is my last day of gift wrap ideas.

updated button...;)

I know, I know
I said I would do 5 but I have been sick for the past few days and I am swamped with stuff to do not to mention I have family coming in this weekend. My tree is not decorated yet and it looks like  rainbow sheep spontaneously combusted in here since there is

I had a ton of other ideas like fun ways to personalize gifts with photos and words.  I also lined up unique themes for wrapping. But something has to give and I need to home school my child, clean, and unearth 4 pairs of shoes that have gone missing in the chaos. So I leave you with only 3 days of ideas.

Are we still cool?

Hope you liked them all!
The End.

A Crafty Soiree


  1. We're definitely still cool, haha! You're forgiven! I loved your ideas, the bunting is too cute, and I love the pompoms. Thanks for sharing, and feel better! :)

  2. What cute ideas! I wrapped things in newspaper last year and decorated the packages...I am going to do the craft paper or paper bags this year and these are fun ideas1

  3. These are just darling ideas. So many different ways to use pom poms.... too cute!

  4. Totally cool... thanks for the great ideas! Hope you are feeling better, and you have a great weekend!

  5. And here you had me fooled saying you used up the best first...That Christmas Tree with poms! & all the ribbons you made!!! That is some seriously cute stuff!!! I just picture you sitting there after the kids go to bed whipping this stuff up & your husband thinking you are nuts :) You totally need to be a guest on the Martha Stewart show & sell these at Michaels! They would FLy out or there...but then I hope you don't make them all by hand :) There...I just solved your husbands new job! You 2 start up your own company that sells these things! I am not even kidding! You better stop being so generous sharing all your ideas & start patenenting them instead..You already have your companies name Your blog name! Oh I am excited already... :) Soon you will have your own show AND magazine! I can't wait! (okay I know this sounds really gushy & overdone but I am not kidding even one tiny'd be like the Rachel Ray of crafts!!!

  6. I love the gift is awesome!! You are so creative :)

  7. I love them! I am in love with pennant banners so that one is my favorite! I am going to do this for sure!

  8. I love the pennant banner. I think I'm going to have to make some for a garland for my tree!!

  9. oh I was really getting into this stuff!! I was just thinking, geez how does she have the time for this!!! I love the pennant banner. I really am going to try these things, for my gift cards. gift cards can be so boring.

  10. Fabulous. We will always be cool. ;-) I am loving the pennant bunting! The best.

  11. these are so cute! i'm in love with the pompoms one.

    remember the days of making mixed tapes and cds? i used to rip out glossy magazine pages to use as wrapping paper and use the old cassette tape string as ribbons. nowadays, that'd be so vintage!

    feel better soon.

    Gonna Dress Up

  12. I don't know. I'm not sure if I can get past the disappointment of missing two days. I might not be able to stand it. OH WAIT, it takes me like a week to get to read them anyways! (Well...except today...) Anyways, you should totally do an Etsy store. You have internet at home and will be able to do it much better/easier than me and your stuff is good. It will sell!!!!

  13. Since you packed about 2 wks worth of fabulous ideas into 3 days, I'd say you over-delivered!! I LOVE the Christmas tree and the grid pattern... love them all but these stood out to me. I may try that with Drew - he'd have so much fun helping with something like that!

  14. YaaaaaaaaaHooooooooo!
    There's one that I can do!!!!!
    Love it! Thanks!!

  15. You seriously rock girl! These ideas are amazing, clever, cute, fabulous, outstanding, creative. I agree with the gal who said you could be the Rachel Ray of crafts - except you are much prettier and funnier. Promise you won't demote me when you become famous! Love BFF

  16. "Are we still cool?" LOL, Jess! Don't overstress, girl. Take a breath and enjoy the season. ;)

  17. I checked out all three of the posts and you are one creative woman! Some really fun, cute, creative ideas here. Love that pom-pom Christmas tree in this post, too! Thanks so much for linking up to the party.

  18. I am soooo loving these ideas...I think one of my favourite things about Christmas is the creative gift wrap! Thank you and blessings for a wonderful weekend. xoxoxo

  19. definitely love your ideas! I am a little bit obsessed with bunting so love that the most.
    I made little bunting like that for our christmas tree.
    enjoy the festive season, LOVE your blog ♥

  20. Jessica, you are so talented and gifted. Love all your ideas!!

    Hope you're feeling better, and I hope that your husband is loving his new job.


  21. Love these, Jess. Especially the Christmas tree. So cute. I feel like a dunce not knowing you were ill. Hope you are feeling much better.

    Oh and yeah, we are still cool. :-)

  22. hi, saw this on one pretty thing and HAD to stop by... great ideas! would love for you to join us at a crafty soiree today... link these beauties up!

  23. These are great ideas! I love the bunting so much x

  24. Jessica I am featuring this at A Crafty Soiree tomorrow! Thx! malia

  25. Congratulations for your blog! I love it!!

  26. Jessica - found this on Pinterest and LOVE it! I am doing a gift wrap series and I hope you don't mind me linking to this post! It will go live on Monday, December 3 -


  27. Really creative ideas! Just wanted to let you know that I've shared one of your gift wrapping pictures in my blog post :


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