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December 8, 2010

Tiny Hands Christmas Ornaments

Just wanted to pop in real quick and show you  these Christmas hand ornaments I made for the girls last year. I was inspired because I love hand and footprints in their memory books...they are so teeny! So I thought it would be so cute to  make them with felt and hang them on the tree.

But dang... I forgot to date them.  
So I think I need to pull out a sharpie and just put 2009 on the back.  
I traced their hands on a piece of paper as a template and then traced them on two different colored craft felt and cut them out.
After sewing their names with beads, I sewed the 2 hands together.
Apparently I was distracted or deeming myself arty when I did this on a diagonal.
And Ella's is straight but all the way at the bottom.  
Hope you can improve upon this if you decide to make them.
If you are not a sewer this would be cute to do on pretty paper and laminate them or seal them with contact paper (above) with their names and year. 
Let the kiddies have artistic license to make it more personalized and all their own.
You could even use the wrapping paper used that year to date the project and make it a special memory ornament.

I have a few more Christmas posts coming but expect a post soon to chat a bit about a weird thing that happened on my blog.  I need all of your advice as fellow bloggers.  Stay tuned.  I hope to write it in the next few days.


  1. So cute! I saw an adorable idea the other day on some blog (don't remember at the moment) with glass ball ornaments with a kid's handprint on them (think, hand dipped in paint and then holding the glass ball to leave the imprint). SO CUTE. Oh wait . . . I already said that. ;) I'm a sucker for any project that keeps my kids' hands little for posterity.

  2. I missed your posts! :) This is adorable, I can't wait to get married and have kids so I can share my craftiness with them, haha. Your tree seems lovely!

  3. lol! i was just thinking that my self!!
    i was wondering where you have been my friend!
    I wished my little peanut would let me trace her tiny hand!
    I will Def try this!! but i think its Not going to happen! :(

  4. FINALLY!!!!!!

    I love this. I want to do this with the kids. I probably won't, but I want to. I love your ideas. You are awesome.

  5. Love the hand idea! So cute.
    And fascinated to find out what the weird blog thing is!! Way to hold the suspense. :)

  6. ooooo, i am SO going to do this with my kiddos! this is exactly the kind of stuff i love having on my tree!

    and i agree with shelley: i'm waiting in suspense about the weirdness!

  7. Love these! I think we will do these with all the grands this year.

  8. That is precious. What a fabulous idea :)

  9. I started following your blog recently. I love all your crafts. We tried creating the tiny hands ornament and we made a nativity scene with the tiny hands ornament.

    If possible please have a look at what we created



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