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February 10, 2011

Cutie Valentine Class Party

I know some of you have asked me to post photos of the party at Cati's school but I was running around and did not get as many photos as I would have liked.  
But here is what I got of their adorable day!
I made these mini cupcakes to look like roses.  Or maybe carnations?  Depended upon my frenzy, winging it method of icing these cupcakes.  I poked little sticks through them and arranged them in a bucket as centerpieces for the tables.
I also baked heart shaped sugar cookies so the kids could decorate them with icing and Valentine sprinkles.
I love all the plates and tablecloths
The paper garland looked great with it but I did not take a photo of it hung up.
My Ella picked a perfect flower cupcake!
How cute are these kids picking the flowers?
My Cati putting her culinary genius to work.  
She has mad skills decorating cookies.
Cati's yummy heart cookie. Just genius.
How bout how she threw it away?
I think I was insulted.
My dear friend Stacy is the other room mom for the class 
and made these darling hearts for all the kids using a Silhouette.
She made these paper flowers for all the moms and a bouquet for each teacher. 
She is a crafty genius!
Both the kindergarten and pre-k classes did this cute little song with hand motions 
(you can't see Cati in the photos because she is in the back) 
and then had a heart hunt outside for the kids and siblings. 
Cati is playing with her prize for finding her 3 hearts. 
I am completely digging her rolled down knee socks.
Ella found her hearts too!
Truly, she is thrilled. :)
And last but not least, the Valentine Smores was a last minute idea for their goody bags. 
I had these little bags to just throw marshmallows in there but I figured a smores idea sounded so cute so I added graham crackers and valentine Hershey kisses. 

I think next year, I am going to try this again with a cute saying like...
"Every Day I Like You Smore!"

What do yo think?


  1. Seriously, you are sooo talented!! Everything looks so cute, I love it!!

  2. Soooo cute! I love the S'mores idea!

  3. So adorable!! I love those mini flower cupcakes!!

  4. Super cute, Party Mom! :) I absolutely love those cupcakes!

  5. :: GASP::A Cupcake centerpiece!?!?!
    OMGOSH!!! That is TOOOO DARN ADORABLE! I AM SOOO Stealing this IDEA My Creative Sweet Friend! :)hehe
    Oh and i am SO happy you loved the Page Printables i made :) I actualy did have you in mind!! :)
    Love Ya Mucho!

  6. I read through this post saying, "Oh, that's my favorite. Nope THAT's my favorite. Oh, wait a minute... that's GENUIS! Holy cow, you've gotta be kidding me!!"

    I love all the ideas so much I can't pick a favorite. Except maybe you!!!

  7. everyday i like YOU smore! what a wonderful party. if i'm room mom someday, i'll know who to ask for some awesome ideas!

  8. Love the cupcakes and the s'mores!!
    I am struggling to not be terribly jealous of tee-shirts in February... as I freeze my bottom off in MN. We are going to FL in March and I can't wait!! Maybe we'll just have to stay there. :)

  9. First - I am so in love with the new look. LOVE the header. Second - I love Jenny's comment. Third - I had so many favorites. Fourth - I don't have a 4th except that I love and miss you and wonder if we'll get a phone date ever ever again!

  10. Am I at the right place? I LOVE your new look :) You are so good at changing it up! Not me :) I am way too habity!

    LOVE the cupcakes! How cute that they got to pick their flowers!!! I lOVE that! I was wishing I could help at Annie's party but the teacher never sent out anything asking for helpers! I was a little bummed :) I am glad you got to be there & take pics! I am sure you were crazy busy! Looks like everyone had a LOVEly day :)

    Hope you guys are good! I don't know why but this month seems extra hard to get online. I never realized February was so busy before! :) Take care!!!!

  11. Oh. my. GOSH! The Valentine Smores are the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I did bubbles, which I am about to post on my blog, but these are way better and I am stealing this idea for next year! Love your blog!!
    -Amazing Grace's Mom from Alabama

  12. OK, I never comment, (although I love your blog), but I am beside myself with your creativity! AMAZING and oh, so cute! All I can say is WOW! Great job!

  13. How cool is that? And those girls, I just want to squish em. Too cute!

  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smores valentine!!! I will be doing this for my sons playgroup valentine party:)

  15. This idea is adorable! I am going to give them to my kids with a tag that says, "I Love You S'more Everyday!"


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