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February 28, 2011

What's in an Etsy Shop Name?

I have been agonizing over what to call my future Etsy shop with no product or existence as of yet. 
Baby steps. :)
I am totally inspired by all of these amazing shops and I want one that will exemplify me, my tastes, and my style of crafting. It became hard to narrow down.  And I am pretty all or nothing in every facet of my thinking so I either have an empty shop or want 50 items in it RIGHT AWAY.  

So not practical.
But to give you an idea of what I will be putting in my shop so you can help me...
I love working with felt, fabric, yarn, and paper type crafts.  My hope is to have pretty and useful items for decor, parties, and little accessories like book marks, handmade cards, and even...gulp...canvas artwork for kids rooms.

(so terrified that I deleted the last line like 6 times)
But I have bolstered up my courage and put it out there. Whew.

I have been dragging my feet (and probably will for weeks) because I am so nervous about this.

Are you sick of me telling you my pipe dream of an Etsy Shop every few months?
Forgive me? Thanks.
 Bottom line...
I am OVERWHELMED and I need YOUR advice!!!!

I think I have finally come up with a name I like.  I am not sure if I just want to keep two shades of pink so I am asking your opinion about the other name I have selected. At first I thought of being cutesy with a name like Felty & Fabs but that says absolutely nothing to someone who has no idea what I design or make.

So do I...
...keep the blog name Two Shades of Pink? Or...
 Go with Pinked & Stitched?

Which one do you like best and WHY?
(just curious)
Remember...your girl is pretty vulnerable putting herself out there and I need your awesome input! 

Love you all sweet friends!


  1. I love all shades of pink and I love the name 2 Shades of Pink. It's simple and girly. I think it will make people wonder what you sell and come check out your shop!
    I opened my etsy shop little lily belle back in June of 2010. I felt exactly the same way as you do now. When I finally I got my 1st sale, I never looked back. JUST GO FOR IT :)

    Come see my shop which was inspired and named after my little girl :)

    xo. Sarah

  2. I think you should use 2 Shades of Pink as well. I love the name and like Sarah said, it will spark interest. I started a store there in Jan and it is a little nerve wracking, but fun. I know great things will come your way!

  3. well from someone who has totally SCREWED up her etsy shop name, take it from me... if you want to keep it all tied in keep it the same. I did etsy on a whim and never thought I'd really follow through with it. my etsy shop name is my girls nicknames.. ya to long to weird, can't remember business name is Dear Prudence, but I sew Lollibags, but my etsy shop is lollipookiesoap. If only I had a do over.

  4. Either one would be great, but I think I like Pinked & Stitched for the shop. EXCEPT, I would switch it around like this....STITCHED AND PINK. Not pinked, just pink. By the way, I saw BIFF at Church yesterday. We hugged. I looked for you. Were you there?

  5. Hmm... that's a hard one!! I think they're both great. I lean toward Two Shades of Pink but it's not necessarily better... just more familiar to me at this point.

  6. Keep your blog name. it's catchy and easy to remember and people who know you blog will be able to find it quick.

  7. I love your blog name!!! Love love love it! I think that is what you should name it. I struggled with exactly the same thing. My blog name is the problem... but it grew on me. I started my blog just casually, now I am really into. eh. I think you should definitely name it 2 shades of pink!

  8. I would keep your blog name as lots of people (me included)hear it and know it is linked to you and that there must be a lot of LOVE and TRUST gone into your products as we have seen this from your blog.So already you have a reputation of being good and trustworthy. I am so excited that you are doing this I WILL be there along with many other blogfriends when you open love deex

  9. I agree with the majority - love "Two Shades of Pink". And I can't wait to see all the wonderful creations in your shop. Now, GO GO GO!!! DO DO DO!!! You can DO IT!!!

  10. girlfriend-- you know i love your Blog Name!ant it will make a FABULOUS etsy shop name!! When i first read it like over a year ago i was head over heels for it! :D

  11. I love your blog name, I would use that. It has special meaning to you and it's sooo cute!! I know your shop is going to be fabulous, everything you have ever posted on this blog is!!!

  12. I love your blog name and what it stands for--it would be a great name for an etsy shop!!

  13. Jess - Use your blog name. For all the reasons stated above. The great thing about Etsy is that yes you're selling stuff, but really you're selling YOU. And this is how people know you. Plus it's a great name already. :) You can do this!!

  14. I'm with the majority with your blog name. I think it's just gorgeous, as I'm sure your shop will be!

  15. I too love your blog name. It is easy to remember and I agree with the post that said it will make people stop and want to see what's in the shop. Good luck and go for it!!! :)

  16. I'm not saying anything new by adding that I would def. vote for your blog name! Your blog name has a story, and identity, and a personality. The other name is cute, but does it come with meaning and a story? Of course store names don't have to have meanings, but I am one to read a book by it's cover :) (And I do like the graphics for the other name a little better, but they are both fabulous)! Don't be fearful; you have many people you've never met who think you are fabulous!

  17. I LOVE the name AND the BUTTONS...the birds are GORGEOUS!!!

    Just Lovely!

  18. Blog name. People are familiar with that so it might give you a one up when people are considering which product to buy. Plus two shades of pink flows a little better I think. It sounds more professional.

  19. When I first came upon your blog, the name Two Shades of Pink, sparked my curiosity. I had to read your whole story and see what it was all about. Keep the name, it's awesome. :)

  20. I love the "Two Shades of Pink" and the vintage bird image is the best


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