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March 13, 2011

Art Piece: Bird on a Branch

This bird and I are NOT the best of besties. But I am growing fond of him. I named him Louie.

I don't know why.  I just did.

Louie has been an idea in my head for a long time.  And I do like creating art pieces from time to time.  I like using mixed media but you can always find felt, fabric or maybe yarn on something I make that is geared toward the artistic. But this is more in the category of a craft fail for me. Louie just would not do what I wanted him to do.

But I decided to share it with you to give you can idea of some things that may go in my someday Etsy shop.  I have more sneak peeks to give you but I am discovering I am an AWFUL PERFECTIONIST. I am working on easing up a bit. Really, I am.
I really wanted to use a real stick but the hubs scared me when he told me it could break down over time.   Obviously, I wanted to make something I could sell.  So I decided to venture into paper mache (also a short life span...I think) where my knowledge is limited to childhood school projects designing a volcano with a balloon. But does this have me daunted?  NO!  I press on and continue in an area where I have ZERO knowledge.  But I was pleasantly surprised that the stick actually looked real after painting it.

Seriously, like a branch!

But...I did not account for stability.  And it broke.  Dang. So I glued it back together (it actually gave it a more realistic look...I celebrate the positives here) and decided to keep it for me as a pretty Spring mobile. The glue is holding it together but for how long is the question.  Call me a risk taker. But I will cry if it breaks again.
Louie is made of linen and I blanket stitched him closed and his eye is a pretty, little, green bead. The nest is actually made from cloth covered floral wire that I twisted into a nest.
I adore the leaves so much!  I fell in love with the fabric and the happy combination they make together.  Be warned:  You may see it again in the future. :) I sewed them together intentionally leaving the edges frayed for a shabbier look. I did the same when sewing the bird.  I stuffed Louie and the leaves for some dimension but they turned out larger then I hoped.

I would have had a tutorial if I had any idea what I was doing.  But I learned a lot from my mistakes, researched more about paper mache and I am excited to go back to the drawing board on this one.
The branch is strung with fishing line tied to a silver ring for hanging.  I actually tied it while I created the branch so the paper mache would make the fishing line part of the piece. It worked really well and seems invisible.

I wish this had turned out like I had envisioned but that is the fun of creating.  Sometimes you don't know what you will end up with but it is still worth it.

Wow. I just reread this post and it is incredibly boring. Sorry to post a snoozer. can I redeem it? Oh, here is something fun!!!!  The editor of the magazine I craft for went on a radio program, WTBN-570 AM radio last week and actually mentioned me with some incredibly nice words about me and this blog!  I was so overwhelmed and flattered.  And as I type these words I realize I never thanked her.  Must go do that right NOW. 
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  1. I love this!! I think it turned out fabulous. The leaves are so fun and colorful too! Great job :)

  2. Love this!! The little bird in the little nest is my favorite part! Your photos are great, too!!

    You could sell the bird, nest and leaves without the branch--it would make a great "kit" and then people could put it together any way they want. You could just show it different ways in the pictures. Just a thought...

  3. I LOVE little Louie, and I love your garland from the last post! Keep of the great work! :)

  4. I am in love with little Louie! Even if he is stubborn he can get away with that because he is so cute! & that stick! I totally thought it was real until you spilled the beans! You tricky thing!!!! Yes...your store will be amazing! I love that you wrote you enjoyed making him I picture you crafting with a smile :) hope your week goes great!!!

  5. oh. my. word. this is too cute!!

  6. I (heart) Louie, too! I was at a baby shower yesterday and her nursery theme is love birds. And I'm sure it's SO classy and that this would be a perfect addition to it. Let me know when you're ready to sell something like this!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  7. I am loving your fresh creative is such a process isn't it. I start with this idea in my head and it never ever comes out at all like it. Most of my creative thinking just happens and I can never predict the outcome. Your twig does look so real..I thought it was! Great job. I love Louie. oxoxo hugs

  8. I think this project is great! Don't give up on the real twig idea too soon. People have grapevine wreaths up in their homes for years. Maybe do a little research on-line. Of course I don't live in Florida, so I'm not sure how much faster things break down. Also the item most likely will be indoors and not exposed to elements. Maybe spray varnish would help it stay intact. If you need any sticks, just let me know. We have them in our yard all of the time especially on windy days. The newer branches are always the ones more likely to fall down too. They have not grown enough strength to withstand the wind yet. Sorry so long---again, I love the bird as they seem to be your signature, so definitely sell those in all kinds of creations. Thanks!

  9. it's not boring at all! i love this. i recently redecorated the kids' room (i'll post pics when it's done), and used the circo love and nature theme. something like this would be so cute! i might commission you to do one for me in coordinating colors!!

    oh, and i'm glad i'm not the only one who gives stuff random names.

  10. This is so great! I'm starting a new tree/bird decor theme and you gave me a ton of new ideas to try!

  11. Holy cuteness! I love this :)The patterns are awesome!

  12. You did a good job in this project. Your resourcefulness and craftsmanship are evident in this simple piece. Just don't give up on the twig thing just yet. Maybe you just need to do some tweaks on the materials that you use for the twig. Keep up the good work!


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