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March 29, 2011

Chiffon Corsage: Good Living Magazine Project 3

Nope.  I  did not publish the wrong post by mistake and I do realize Mother's Day is almost 2 months away.
It IS a tad early to be featuring this but the magazine issue comes out this month and the next issue will not be until Summer.  So it needed to be on the blog for the tutorial and well...that's that. :)

We have all seen this flower craze ebb and flow but what I love about these flowers corsages is they are so delicate, feminine, and completely appropriate on a day like Easter and especially Mother's Day.  Who wouldn't love a handmade gift like this to treasure for always and not just for one day?
 I love these so much!  They have a modern feel without feeling too overdone.
Another bonus?
They are incredibly light on your wrist!
 This yummy grey and brown combo is just so pretty!

Here is how you make one...

 I will try to re-post this one closer to Mother's Day.  
Hugs and smiles to each of you dear friends!  
All of you bless my socks off!

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  1. these are so cute! I want one! cute for a choker too, but I'm clausterphobic so I won't be wearing it as a choker.

  2. I'm a new fan thanks to Prudence/Lollibags=)!! I really love these and I would feel pretty wearing one!

  3. Oh my goodness this is soooo beautiful! I think I am going to try making one...oodles of hugs!

    Thank you for sticking up my little giveaway button on your blog...what a sweetheart and a blessing you are.


  4. Hey Jess...i was looking ath these earlier but called away to help someone in the bathroom :) They are so airy & pretty! I love the colors you picked too!!! Do you have a class that teaches men to make these so Kelly can make me one? :) Well if not I suppose my mom would love one if I got my act together enough to make one :) Ahhhh I got a great idea...i will get my sister Kate to make her one & then I will swoop in & take the credit saying it was my idea!!! & I know she has chiffon & ribbon at home!!!! Oh yes...this will work nicely! My mom thanks you! :)

  5. I haven't been on my blog lately so I've missed all your wonderful posts with all these adorable crafts! You've got such great ideas and then have such beautiful and creative photos of everything. :) Your photos remind me of my eldest daughter's photos. Lovely.
    Life is crazy around here so I doubt I'll be able to do them, but you never know. If I show my girls they may just squeeze one or two in, especially Emily who is babysitting on Friday. The girls are older and this might be right up their alley!

    Blessings to you and your family. :)

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I have been summoned over here by Lib to make your project for our mom for Mother's Day. (And I am not supposed to read Lib's comment either...Thought she could sneak that one by me...) And she is right, I happen to have a huge stack of chiffon floating around here somewhere, so I will get to cutting and sewing! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, great pics and directions. I will let you know how it goes. I have to stop around more often, you do have a lovely blog. My camera broke, and it is hard to blog without a camera, so I just don't get around as much as I would like to! My head is spinning though, trying to keep up with all the beautiful projects that I am missing out on!

    Have a great day!

  7. oh sweetie these are amazing and i love love love them! never too early for a gorgeous tute! xo malia

  8. Those are so sweet! They'd look adorable on a hairband.

    Deb :)

  9. Absolutely beautiful. I'm blown away.

  10. They are adorable, thank you for sharing the tutorial. Visiting from Blue Cricket Design party

  11. delightful! Clear and easy tutorial...thanks for sharing :)

  12. can you hear me screaming with excitement right now? because i totally am! these r amazing! thank u for linking with blue cricket and for sharing this tutorial!

  13. these are so pretty and feminine!!! love them

    I'd love for you to link this up to my new link party, Your Whims Wednesday!

  14. Pretty enough to use as BELT !

  15. Ok.... A quick question.... What did you do to keep chiffon from fraying... Chiffon will fray easily... Just wondering if you did anything with the edges?


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