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October 8, 2012

Yarn Monster Cupcake Picks

In case some of you missed the ever popular Spooktacular over with the fabulous Eighteen25 girls, here was my project for this year...the cutest Yarn Monster Cupcake Picks I ever did see!

They are not hard to make and you only need a few supplies you probably already have in your crafty stash.

Grab some yarn, pom pom makers (or just do it by hand), scissors, fabric glue, hot glue, paper straws (or skewers), 1/4 inch Styrofoam balls and foam sheets.
First up is how to make these little yarn bundles to make some of the monster heads.  The others are pom poms.  In fact, it is similar to making a pom pom. 
1. Just wrap the yarn around your hand 50-70 times. 
2. Slide another small piece of yarn through...
3. Tie a double knot.
4. Snip the other end (on the back of your hand) so you have a tied little bundle. Spread the yarn around into a circle.
5. Using hot glue, secure one of your Styrofoam balls in the center of your bundle.  Stick a paper straw into the ball, remove and add some glue inside the hole and put your straw back in the hole until set.
6. Now you have your cute little monster hair head.  Give it a haircut or start giving it features.
I used foam to make teeth and black little pupils for the eye. Oh I may have used felt too. I liked the foam because it's stiffer and easier to cut into small pieces,.
I laid each of these out to give you some ideas on how to assemble them.  
 This one ended up with with a crochet flower and button eye.  Oh my cuteness!
 Girly monster.  Her eyelashes and bow make me smile. :0)
Some of the monsters had one eye, one was a cute ghost, another a funny little jack-o-lantern. The mouths were made of yarn or foam, eyes were pom poms with black foam pupils, or maybe two halves of a toothpick with mini pom poms for eyes.  Just use your creativity. I used fabric glue or hot glue to attach each feature.
It takes no time to whip up a bunch of these and they will no doubt be a great party favor too. :)
Aren't these darling?

I am all about a "not so scary" Halloween and I think these fit in perfectly!
So are ya'll crafting Fall or Halloween crafts? Whatcha working on?
xoxo until next time!


  1. You always have the best ideas! These are sooooo cute!

  2. These are so crazy cute!! I always love your fun ideas!! Pinned!
    Jenn :)

  3. These are seriously the cutest things EVER!! Love them!!

  4. Crazy Crazy CRAZY ADORABLE!!!!!
    Look at the little blue one with the BOW!!! AHHH!!

  5. Hey Jessica, Popping by because your yarn pumpkins were featured at {My Mod Podge pumpkins were also in the slide show - yippee!} I'm crazy for your beautiful blog & am happy to be following. So glad I found you.

    Warmly, Michelle

  6. I LOVE these! So clever, so perfectly adorable, and I love using up materials already in my stash.

  7. These have got to be the CUTEST things in the world! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE cute little monsters in this house -- think it started with Monsters Inc! You did such an incredible and FABULOUS job -- these are just totally AMAZING!!!! You continue to floor me girl! You are just an endless source of creativity! Sending you and yours tons of hugs and much love!!!!

  8. ps...if you can nestle a pen cap in there -- they would be AWESOME as pen toppers!!! : ) hugs!!! : )

  9. Just like all of you ideas...FABULOUS!

  10. These cupcakes make me insanely happy- especially the yellow guy with an x for an eye! I included your tutorial in my latest blog post Thank you so much for sharing!


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