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September 10, 2013

Patchwork End Table

Hello my lovely friends!
I have an "old to me but new to you" project to share with you. This table was a little project I did back in the spring. I loved making this. The before and after is so drastic but that is what I love most about  a project like this.

I first started out by finding this great table at a second hand store. I actually love to haggle a bit and ended up paying $30 less than asking price! Yes, that's right.  It was priced that high!  
The paint came off very easily when sanding it which saved loads of time.  After sanding I washed it down with a lint free cloth.
After cleaning, I primed the end table and let it dry overnight.  I normally do not prime (I need to) but I am so glad I did.  It made painting it so much simpler.
To make the paper squares, I simply took coordinating scrapbook paper and cut them into 4 x 4 squares with a paper cutter.
I was actually able to use a paint sample to paint the entire thing which was awesome. And I decided to paint it a pale mint color which I am totally digging these days.  
Now the surprisingly easy part...making my patchwork with my squares. I did the inside of the little shelf cubby and the inside of the drawer by gluing each individual square.

I liked doing it this way because if I messed up a square, I would just scrape it off and start over. 
I really think it turned out so pretty.  And my favorite part is having the surprise of the shelf and drawer with something so fun.  I love opening a drawer and seeing it lined with pretty paper, or a coffee cup with a design on the bottom.  The little details give me so much joy.  Clearly, I am entertained easily.
I had the hardest time picking between these two knobs but really liked the white one the best. 

This table sits happily in my craft room.  But with a massive color laser printer on it that my husband brought home from work and though we don't have room for it I had to say yes because it all kinds of awesome. Breathe. So let's keep it real.  I don't really have room for it in my small house.  But it does make me happy when I see it. :)


  1. This is so lovely. It looks so pretty now. Well done

  2. This is absolutely adorable, and I love that you even did the drawer!

  3. This is sooooo cute x
    ((hugs)) Suzie xoxo

  4. I keep seeing all the dresser drawers with bright surprises of color and I like it. I like yours better, I think! But all my dressers are antiques (that are actually in good shape, not pristine, but good) so I hate to do that to them. BUT we have a dresser that we inherited when we moved into this house (we inherited a lot of trash, too, but that's another story...) that we are using in the utility room to hold our printer and office-y stuff and paperwork. (Also, my husband likes to use it as a dump spot when he comes in even though he has a designated dump spot right inside the door, before you get to the dresser....but I'm not upset about that or anything...) It's not an antique. It's just old. And rather ugly. But I have a plan to eventually paint it and I think bright paint or scrapbook patchwork would look awesome as a surprise on the drawers! Plus, when my husband makes me my huge cutting table for Christmas (see, self? This is why you put up with the every-flat-surface-must-be-covered-with-clutter thing.) I've been thinking about what to do inside the shelves. This might be it!

  5. Fab transformation, love the colour and the patchwork is so pretty! Really lovely project.

    Hope you are well. Hugs, Estelle xx

  6. Awww, lovely!! Been thinking 'bout ya...hoping the days are being kind to you : )

  7. What a great table-looks so good clever girl.Hope everything is ok with you thinking of you -love dee x

  8. Super adorable!!! I am currently re-doing Norah's dresser and I am SOOO excited!! I am painting in a champagne pink with gold knobs for a vintage look!! Can't wait to blog about it!!! I love the patchwork so much!

  9. It's very cute! :)
    I've been having a look all around your beautiful blog and must say congrats for such a great job!!

    Hugs from Spain!

  10. It looks beautiful !

    xo Lieke

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  12. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and found your gorgeous pine cone flower garland. Love it! Thank you! Julie @ Restyle Relove

  13. This is so cute! We have a table that looks almost like this. Bookmarked so I can try it!


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