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October 7, 2013

Fall Leaf Pie Picks

It's Fall Y'all!
These very words are actually written on my chalkboard above the fireplace.  You may ask why this is necessary since this should be obvious...but not to us Floridians melting in the "Fall" humid air.  Upper 80's ain't no Fall, you feel me?  So this Autumn loving girl "fall's up her house" with leaves, pumpkins and orangey goodness along with the actual message that IT IS INDEED FALL. This is to make up for the summer weather that feels like a guest who won't leave.
Ah and speaking of leaves...
So I made a pie.  Do you like pie?  I like pie on a level that is just not healthy.  And I made this pie to share with YOU (post coming in the next day or so)!  But me being me I needed to put something ON the pie to make it even better. 
Ergo...the pun causing leaf picks.

They are simplest things really.  You buy some fake leaves from the craft store. I found mine at Michael's. Hot glue them to 6 inch bamboo sticks and stick 'em in a pie. a 3 minute diy.
I added sweet little jute twine bows too.

Maybe there is something wrong if I am trying to fallify my food. Oh who cares?  I think it looks great and would look so pretty on any Fall or Thanksgiving table.
Pie coming soon. :)


  1. cute! now I want apple pie!
    happy day!

  2. What a clever idea! Your pie looks so yummy!

    I lived in SE Texas for 11 years so I "get" the announcing Fall.
    My family and friends that are still there are having a cool front right now and they are all so giddy. :)

  3. Fall actually came to us here in northwest Texas late last week! Maybe its coming your way, now!

  4. My mom would LOVE if I made her a few for Thanksgiving! Gotta try! Love!!!


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