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December 29, 2013

Sparkly Pink Glasses: Perfect For New Years Eve

I am declaring that the whole wide world needs clear, pink glasses with gold, sparkly bling on them.  Because pink and gold sparkly things are just plain happy and everyone needs to be happy.  
I specifically made these as a New Year's Eve must have outfit accessory.  I adore all the embellished sunglasses I have seen out there but I love the idea of wearing a pair of embellished glasses at night and these would be perfect for a NYE celebration! Golden confetti and some glitter? I'm all in.

Want your own pair? Here's how I did it...
These fabulous pink glasses were provided to me by Sunglass Warehouse. I actually own two other pair and I will order from them again and again.  They have an incredible selection of modern and trendy frames for an inexpensive price. As for these fun pink ones...I LOVE them and I wore them a lot before I did this DIY and I got a ton of compliments for their funkiness.  I grabbed liquid gold leaf, fine gold glitter, some mod podge (clear nail polish works great too) some paint brushes and gold sequins.
I used a bit of mod podge before adding the gold leaf to give the gold leaf something to adhere to.  I was hoping for a dipped look but I was not a fan so I changed directions.  But I liked having it as a gold base coat in case any glitter showed through you would still see some gold. 
After both the mod podge primer and gold leaf dried (maybe 30 minutes), I added mod podge again and sprinkled my glitter over a piece of paper.  Each time, I would take the paper and slide the excess glitter back into my small bowl and do it all over again until I got the coverage I was looking for.
I brushed the excess glitter off with a dry, soft brush.
Last but not lease I added a bit more mod podge to add the sequins and then a final coat of mod podge to seal the whole thing. 
I love them and I can't wait to ring in 2014 with my goldified, blingy pink glasses. :)
This full tutorial can also be seen here on the Sunglass Warehouse site.
Hope you have the most sparkly, happy new year!


  1. Aren't YOU THE ROCK STAR!!!!!!!! You look AMAZING DARLING!!!! Do you hear that? do you?'s HOLLYWOOD CALLING!!!!! wonder who your leading man will be...??? Leo? Ryan Gossling? Hugs to sure brought the NEW YEAR in with style! Wishing you and your family the best year ever! Talk toy ou soon!

  2. Loved these so much! I should have you and Miss M team up to help me shop for my next pair of glasses - you both have the right idea with the bling. And I like these even better than the sparkly ones she found! Oh, and btw, I followed the link on over to the Sunglass Warehouse website to see some of the other ones that were decorated. Yours were BY FAR my favorites and I'm not just saying that bc you're my friend. You just have such a knack for making anything beautiful.

  3. These are great and you are adorable!


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