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January 24, 2014

Mini Love Notes on a String

Hey friends. 
(she says with her tail tucked between her legs)
Is there a way to blog and have a life?  I just need to know.  I am constantly lamenting this to you yet I have found no viable solution that will enable me to craft and blog while meeting the needs of my family.  Who comes unequivocally first.
But this space gives me such joy...such satisfaction using gifts that only a creative God could give.  I love using my hands to create things yet I see how life is literally fast forwarding and I miss it when I am staring at a bright glowing screen that draws me in and then traps me there until I can shake myself out of it.  I know there are people who can do this...this balance thing.  But for me....someone gets the short end of the stick and it s often at the cost of someone I love.

So here I am...telling you once again a big fat SORRY for not blogging consistently.  Yet isn't that rather arrogant?  Like you are hanging on your reader somewhere just waiting for a post to appear from me.  Its odd...this blog pressure I feel from no one in particular. But I'm trying guys.  I'm trying to stock up an etsy shop. Trying to organize my home. To work on my marriage and make it an intentional blessing for both myself and my fabulous husband.  Which brings me to my little love notes up there.

I thought it would be so sweet to give my husband some sweet nothings in note form for Valentine's Day.  I sometimes forget how my words can build that man up in ways that no other person's words can. So instead of mushy stuff (ok, there will be some sweet words and maybe some "for his eyes only ones too) I wanted to tell him things that will BUILD HIM UP.  Tell him how proud I am of him in his job, or the loving father He is or how he can do yard work like a boss.  This stuff literally makes him stand up straighter and feel respected so much.  And I fail at this. Often.

So I am being intentional with this cute little craft.  I just grabbed some twine, mini kraft envelopes (but any envelope will do) some washi tape and cute little heart clothes pins I picked up in the last few Valentine's days. 

Just write your sweet nothings and hang them up somewhere he will be sure to see them.  Across his steering wheel or above the bed.  Maybe on the bathroom mirror. I don't plan on numbering it or anything but I am going to give it to him on February 1st.  He can pull one off each day or read them all at once.  I just want him to feel loved and appreciated this love day.  I plan on doing something similar for the girls.
What do you have planned?

Here's to blessing our families like crazy. xoxo


  1. this is so cute!! and I la-la-LOVE your blog design (i've been reading off of my phone lately). Super cute!

  2. love it!! and thats me waiting on pins and needles for you to blog!! haha no pressure!! you rock! and what a SWEET idea!!! sorry for no caps im typing one handed with a baby in the other! and i just nursed one handed while awkwardly making dinner for my two yeaer old. who knew that was even possible?? anyhoo thanks for the awesome post!

  3. THIS! THIS is what I have planned. What a beautiful idea! I need to be more intentional with building my husband up with my words. Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing this wonderful idea. Doing it now!


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