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October 30, 2014

Embroidery Hoop Yarn Spider Webs

Well, I know I am getting this just under the wire but here is a quick and fun idea that I shared over at Eighteen25 a few weeks ago.  This great project is quick, kid friendly, and REALLY versatile.  I had a bunch of empty embroidery hoops of various sizes (just hanging all lonely like) in my craft room closet. And I started thinking that they would make the cutest little spider webs! I played around with the best way to do it and here's what I came up with... :)

1. First, grab some hoops, yarn, and scissors. 
2. Tie a piece of yarn around the center of your hoop like a gift.  *Now, you can change it up a bit here. I am giving directions to do this craft with kids but if you want to add a hot glue gun, just glue the ends of a single piece of yarn and hot glue on the outside of the hoop. It won't have this doubled string look. I just did it this way to omit hot glue.
3. Wrap your inner hoop vertically, then horizontally to make a plus sign. You do this by just tying it off at the top.  
4. Then do it diagonally to the left and then diagonally to the right to make 8 pie piece sections with your yarn. You can look it like spokes of a wheel. *Again, you can do this with single strands and hot glue.

5. Now put the outer loop back on and tighten to start weaving. Take the end of your yarn and tie a knot in the center. (You can also start on the outside and finish it in the center with a knot too)
6. Now make a tiny little ball of yarn so that you will have enough to continuously weave it around to create your web.
7. At each line of yarn you will tie it in a knot to create your web. This will bring the two strands together to look like one strand.
8. Do this until you get to the very center and cut off the extra. Pretty simple, right?
I added a black pom pom spider with yarn legs to complete the look.  When you go to tie off your pom pom just use 4 strands of yarn instead of one and it will create 8 floppy legs.
You could also use a felt ball with wire legs, a tiny ball of yarn, or just buy a creepy crawly plastic spider.

I love the versatility of hanging this on your wall or window, using it in a vignette, or on a mantel. Plus your kids will be so excited that they were part of decorating for Halloween.

Happy Halloween sweet friends!  xoxo

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