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December 25, 2014

Stick + Yarn Star Ornaments

Typically I am a person who will decorate and stay busy through the entire Christmas season until January 1st and then I want to sleep for a week. This year, I find myself looking for the blessing in simplicity.  To slow down and not make everything be about busyness and hustle.  So the cookies will be easy, the decorations are easy and of course...little projects too. 

Which is why I am sharing the easiest ornament in the entire universe. 
Simple for the kiddos and for you. 

All you need are 5 lollipop sticks. I used 12 inch and 6 inch lengths to make different sizes.
Grab some pretty yarn or twine, scissors and a hot glue gun too.
Now just glue your sticks together to form a star shape. The hot glue will go where you see a pink dot. Don't worry about making a perfect star because they look cuter not quite straight.

Now just glue the end of a length of yarn to each end of the star where you hot glued the ends together and wrap around about 6-8 times, cut and seal the tail end with a dot of hot glue.
(You could do all of this with the kiddos and just use craft glue.  It will just take longer to dry.)
These stars make a sweet tree ornament... 
or even a gift topper.

I want to try wrapping different colors of yarn all the way up the points or even over the whole thing.
There are many ways to make this simple craft unique.
Hope you enjoyed a craft that will make your life a bit simpler and whole lot cuter!

Merry Christmas friends.
I pray your holiday season is filled with joy and sweet moments with your families.

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