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March 17, 2015

Citrus Stamped Wrapping Paper

I had the wonderful privilege of sharing this super fun DIY back in February for my precious friends at Eighteen25.  I honestly can't say enough about those sweet girls.  Its such an honor to contribute for them and I am glad I get to share some of my projects with you back here on my little old blog. So enjoy this fun tutorial for Citrus Stamped Wrapping Paper.
So. I have this thing for citrus. I have a particular affection for all things lemon. I thought it would be fun to make some happy wrapping paper since packaging is my heart. I planned on going to the craft stores to hunt down a ready made stamp but it never happened. I'm lazy. I figured I could make my own and wing it. I'm actually excited about how it turned out. 

Materials: craft foam, scrap card stock, a piece of wood to create your stamp, scissors, hot glue gun, paint (orange, yellow, and lime green), paint brush, a petal paper punch (optional), and white kraft paper.  I found mine at Michael's where the packaging and wrapping supplies are.

(See photo above) I cut out a circle from craft foam and then cut out the inside to make the outer edge of the stamp. You could trace a cup but I wasn't looking for perfection so I free handed the circle.

Next I used a petal shaped paper punch with scrap card stock to use as a template for the inside of my citrus slice.  I wanted it to look imperfect so I cut the petals into irregular, rounded triangle shapes. 
My hubby cut some scrap wood and I hot glued my shape to it creating a custom stamp for my project.
I unrolled the white kraft paper on the floor and anchored it on both ends so it would lay flat. Using a paintbrush and paint (instead of ink), I  painted the stamp first and then randomly stamped all over the paper. I started with yellow, then orange, then green. I am kicking myself for not adding pink (duh!) to have pretty grapefruit in the mix. Next time

I experimented with different shades of the colors too and gently washed the stamps in between colors. When you have filled the paper, let it dry, roll it up and you have made custom wrapping paper! My kids got into it too and I love that you could make this for any holiday or event. Letting your kids get creative would make it so special for grandparents and friend's birthday parties too.
For some extra cuteness, I painted "so sweet" over and over on a basic sheet of white paper.
 (Great for tiny boxes!) 
I coordinated the handmade paper with green striped paper and it looks perfect together. Add some orange twine and you have adorably coordinated packages. 

Of course, I couldn't resist adding a pom pom lemon with little felt leaves as a topper. :)

Y'all know me. 

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  1. Jessica - I just commented on your floral garland and your grandmother being ill. I didn't realize until I had already published it that it was back in 2011.

    Still love your garland and hope your trip to see her was a good one.


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