February 5, 2010

Before and After

I was sooooo excited.

The big change...a new do.  Chopping off my tresses.  Going drastic.  Severing of about a 12 inches of hair.

Yes.  That's right.  A. FOOT. OF. HAIR.

Here is the... BEFORE
Does this or does this not look like I was taking my own mug shot?
But there are the long locks that really needed some assistance.  I had become a mommy, lost the layers I previously had and became a retro throwback to a generation before my time.

This was the night I got it cut. 

Still not sure how I feel about it.  Seriously. I mean, this amazingly skilled stylist sat me in the chair for 2 hours and schooled me on the horrific products I was using that are NOT good for my hair (woops) and then taught me how to style my hair detail by detail. 

I was so excited when I got home! I was going to be able to make these follicles look FABULOUS!

So the next day I ran on the treadmill and produced more than a healthy glow.  Let's just call it what it is...I had an odiferous sweat going on. I showered and the moment of truth came when I wet the masterpiece that she had created by putting my head under the shower. 

But no worries, I told myself.  I was now equipped with new KNOWLEDGE.  She was my beauty Yoda and I was her young skywalker-esque novice in hair-ology.

I go to do my hair like she said and realized I was not listening totally forgot what she told me.

What on earth is up with my Star Wars references? Go with it, Jess.  Just go with it.

So I did the best I could and here is what I did. All by myself. Really. No help.

Kinda big, right?  
I think I began mingling different hair eras together and got confused.

Then I began mulling over the fact that I cut off like a foot of hair.  I mean, I can't even put the thing in my messy pile I would always have on the top of my head.  So what can I do with it? I decided to experiment and here are some of my hair creations I tried...

We have the cute little pig tail look.  
Cute but more appropriate for a run on the hamster wheel or movie night with the family. I mean I am thirty...ish.

I thought of more justification for the pigtails since I am digging the fact that I could actually put it up in some way.  This works for the gym that I never go to, the beach, or even grocery shopping.

This is just wrong. 
Don't I look like two different decades of SNL with the church lady look & Mango's hair?

OK.  Sassy little clip is working for me here.

It is looking better but this is still a work in progress. I am having a tough time getting used to such a drastic change and if I could do it over again I might have done long layers (like I used to have) and then go drastic the next time.  She kind of cut it shorter than what I wanted but it is an excellent cut.  So I am having fun with it and just trying to figure it out. And by the grace of God almighty...

Hair grows.


  1. lol the palm tree on top of your head look is the BEST!! lol
    I Love the New look!i keep going back to your before picture tho.. You look super angry in your mug shot lol!your too funny ;)

  2. You look amazing. I love it short on you...One day I will get mine super short..but right now it is shoulder length because I must have my ponytail when I just don't have the time to fuss...Happy happy weekend.

  3. the shorter do looks amazing! makes you look younger! me ♥ it!

  4. I love the short hair on you...it looks great! It may have been a drastic change but I definitely think it was a good change :)

  5. You are adorable, Love the new doooo! Short and sassy. Many Blessing Deborah

  6. I love the new haircut! Its very becoming! You look much younger.......like a teenager!!! :>)

  7. Oh my goodness, you crack me up. I'm diggin the SNL look ;-) Really though, I really love the short hair on you. It looks great and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Looks like you did a great job right out of the shower and the clip is very cute too. Love you my beautiful BFF! Kelly

  8. Love the new cut! I have the same issue of styling myself and trying to get the same results my stylist achieved. We'll work on it right? Here's to us both learning to live happily with a lot less hair! :)

  9. Love the new cut! And I don't think your hair looks "big" in that picture.

  10. What an awesome change. It looks like you are enjoying it:) It looks great!

  11. IT LOOKS PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!

    I also just got mine chopped off and what is funny is that it looks a lot like yours. I also have trouble styling my hair after cuts...

  12. I think your hair looks great, and I love the clip for sure! Clips make it so fun!!

  13. I love it! No...I LOVE IT!!!!!

    I have long hair and am getting ready to chop a foot off also. Yes, you have pushed me over the precipice and I shall do it. I shall!!!!

  14. Jess, I love your new hair so much. It looks great on you. It completely shows off your beautiful eyes and lovely smile. I am jealous. I wish I had the guts to do it.


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