February 6, 2010

The Simple Things: LINK UP!

I came across a post over at Butts and Ashes by Marla who I seriously wish I could meet in person.  She is so raw, so real, and a humanitarian to the lost, the broken, the needy. I love her heart.  She has linked up to a blog, Enchanted Oak who has committed to donate $2 to Heartline Ministries for every blogger or commenter who posts a list, poem, or prose piece about the joys of the simple things in life. After that you just notify her about your post.  This link up lasts until midnight Sunday.  Easy peasy!

Here is my list of the simple things...
  • Drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the silence of morning, the falling rain, or the birds chirping outside
  • Dancing in the rain with my daughters
  • A hug from my husband that lingers
  • Catching the eye of my oldest daughter and both of us bursting out in laughter.
  • Seeing the magnificence of God in the expanse of the ocean or just examining the intricacies of a fallen leaf
  • My youngest daughter making kissing noises across the house until she reaches me to land one on my lips with a hug around my legs
  • A child's laughter
  • My girls hugging each other as they giggle in the bath tub
  • The smell of fresh air through an open window
  • The exhilarating first taste of a peach as you bite into it
  • Re-reading a favorite book
  • Walking through the front door and knowing your house is a home
  • Food in my fridge, money in the bank, clothes on my back
  • Friends who call me before I call them
  • The sound of my children breathing as they sleep
  • At the moment my husband has turned on the kitchen faucet and I am so thankful that we have running water or I can go to the pantry for a bottle of water
  • Singing out loud to God and knowing I am free to do so
  • Holding hands
I could go on and on.  Please link up to do this.  What amazing perspective this gives as I remember I am so blessed in the little things.  

Let's pray for the many people in Haiti who do not have the luxury of the simple things we often take for granted.


  1. I love your list of simple things...you are so inspiring :) Thanks for the link!

  2. Oh, dear Jessica, you really nailed me with the kissing noises across the house. I can hear them!!! Your list is very beautiful and thoughtful. Like you, every time the water flows from my faucet, I think of those in Haiti who have no access to running water. The smell of fresh air coming in through the open window! Precious! Laughter with your children! Sweet Lord, thank you for the simple blessings we often overlook! Have a blessed weekend, Dear Pink.
    Chris from Enchanted Oak

  3. Hi Jessica,
    You have a lot of things in your lists that I enjoy!
    Awesome list.

  4. Thanks for posting the Simple Things challenge! I posted one as well and was sooo glad to have done it!

  5. what a fun list...dancing in the rain especially! thanks for joining in!

  6. Jessica ~ I love you, little sister! What more can I say? Next time I head to Florida to visit the kids, you are on my lunch date list.

  7. Or how about this one:
    Being thankful that the bottled water in the pantry bears a Dasani label???
    Jenn N

  8. I'm in loveee with your blog. I think it is GORGEOUS and so full of love, I found you on shabbyblogs :) Great blog, looking forward to reading all your blogs from now on!


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