February 11, 2010

A Little Stressful Surprise


Attention Please!

Will the woman indwelt with the Holy Spirit, who can do all things through Christ please step forward? The one I have been waiting to find Me again?  The one who I have missed deep fellowship with, please approach the throne.  Of grace.  With complete confidence.



Hmmmm.  Perhaps this will take more than just a loud calling.  Perhaps circumstances will weed out the one I have been calling. 

And so the mercy of the Lord has fallen upon me just like His mercies are found in every trial or discipline. Because every trial draws us closer to him; to deep fellowship, daily reconciliation, and a beautiful, holy yoke that will handle the burdens of life.  My life is the one my King knows the beginning to end and all that is in between.  

Oh, Lord, how good you are.  So, so good.

You are the definition of goodness in that whenever you discipline me and bring me upon my face I, in holy wonderment, draw closer to the well of living water...and drink DEEP. Every time I am humbled by the living God, I feel immense and purifying RELIEF.

Friends, I am humbled that life is never what we expect it to be.  And fortunately the surprise circumstance we find ourselves in is small compared to the many other trials people deal with every day. But it is still a wonderful way for God to get my attention for me to FINALLY heed the call to depend wholly upon him. (do you hear the hallelujah chorus?)

Tuesday, I received a call that we would have to move out of our home due to the owner being in the latter stages of foreclosure.

Do what?

For those of you newly visiting my little blog, hubs and I just rent and have been in our house for the last 6 years. Our story is more understandable from this post.  Anyway, we have had no plans to buy a house in this ridiculously crazy market so we have been OK.  We can live with the ugly cabinetry, unidentifiable paint colors,  terrazzo floors and lack of an ability to update.  Because I have been sure I will have a roof over my head. 

But this?  This was so unexpected.  We are living on the CHEAP, my friends.  Our rent amount is UNHEARD of in this here parts.  Out neck of the woods is way overpriced.  Let's just say CHA-CHING!

So we will be on the move. By the end of April as a matter of fact.

Now we are frantically trying to find a place that is...

1.  An upgrade from this place
2.  Closer for my husband's commute
3.  A quieter neighborhood with actual grass. Yep, no grass in this yard.
4.  A bathroom that can fit two people in and one that is not blue.  Yes, our guest bath is blue.  

Wait, I gotta go take  a picture of this hideousness.  It calls for a visual. I am literally getting up from this computer to take it...

There it is.  My dirty little secret. Oh, the horror.  I have a blue, retro, frighteningly ugly bathroom.  I did with it what I could by throwing in some brown but really the thing is still ugly at its best. 
I feel more free just sharing this with you. I have no more secrets from you. None. But now I have this photo to treasure for always.

The best part of this whole stressful situation is that God is here.  He knew this would happen.  And he knows where we will be in the next chapter of our lives. And I am finally paying attention. My life is never what I expect it to be and sometimes my circumstances can NOT be controlled by me.  Much to my prideful chagrin.

So here we go, folks. Because you might be getting an earful of venting.  Or weeping.  Or nashing of teeth.   If you have not caught on, I don't deal with stress or change all that well.  At least not initially.  But this I know. God has never, ever let me down before.  Ever.  Oh, He may have something different in mind than what I first wanted or hoped for.  But His way is always better.

So we say goodbye to this blessing...

And eagerly wait for the next.  
While I obsess a little.  I am only human.


  1. I am so sorry!! God IS faithful and probably has a fabulous rental that someone is just dying to get rent out! OR someone is trying to sell a home but would love for someone to rent it because they are struggling.

    I actually think the blue bathroom is kind of cute :)

  2. You totally make that bath room work!

  3. Ladies, let me just tell you! Jessica's bathroom is awesome. She makes it work so incredibly well. I loved this post Jess.

  4. The blue bathroom isn't completely hideous. The brown really makes it work.

    Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. You may end up finding the house of your dreams! Good luck on your search.

  5. Oh my love ! you have our prayers!.. you just watch How our Lord turns this ugly moment of your life into a beautiful one!

  6. Oh, my! Hang in there! Many people choose trials as the time to turn away from God. It's refreshing that you know where to turn when there is a trial! You'll make it--you have a great team!!!

  7. tsk tsk! worry not dear jessica, i'm sure something good will turn out because of this. keep the faith. the blue bathroom doesn't look that bad thanks to your brown magic!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I am glad I am not the only one who struggles with change and the unknown. I heard a quote once and it stuck with me, "never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." So true!

  9. Hi Jessica, I posted about our random acts of kindness today, and came over to tell you, when I read your latest post! God is good...always:) Will be praying for you!

  10. i'm praying for that new home now! i love the quote from jenny above... i think i'll show that one to my dad, too!

    can't wait to see what God has in store. and call me if you need help packing boxes!!

  11. Oh honey, hang on, the good Lord is taking you for a ride! Go merrily and let Him take you where He will! The Lord has exceedingly, abundantly way more than you can ever think or dream up! My hubby and I packed up and moved from MN to OR 7 1/2 yrs ago, and I Never would have dreamed where we ended up. By the way when we first moved to our vintage farm, the master bath was baby blue, wall hung toilet, the girls bath, was mustard yellow, toilet too. awful awful awful...

  12. Can't wait to hear His incredible provision for you guys!

    Listen...I just posted a Valentine "story Time" on my blog and I would LOVE to hear how you met your hubby! Visit my blog and share with us, ok?

    Peace, my friend,

  13. This is the kind of thing that freaks me out from time to time. We rent too and although we are looking to buy a house, we're not remotely prepared to do so now. At least you don't have to move in the middle of February! God is faithful.

  14. Hi Jessica.

    I just went to send you a comment on the post of your sweet children and now I can't find it. It said, "page cannot be found".

    I just wanted you to know how SWEET your little ones are!

    Peace, my friend,

  15. Sending you much love...God is good and he has a plan for you. xxoxo


    of course not on a level of residency, but my "unexpected call" dealt with my health. So I completely understand where you are coming from, but I also thoroughly admire your faith. Love what you had to say and agreed with every word you wrote regarding to the graciousness of God. Looking forward to what he has in his plans for you and your family.


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