February 9, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday

Tip #1:  Secret Admirer Valentine Ideas

Secret Puzzle Message
 Here I used black and white photos of the girls when they were a bit younger on a thick piece of cardboard I saved from a discarded box.  I just used scrapbook paper and Modge Podge to seal the photos and then distressed the black paper to reveal the pink underneath.

 You can cut the pieces using another puzzle as a template or freehand. Use sharp scissors or a craft knife.  Other options are to write a love letter or sweet message over the front of the pictures or on the back.

Secret Cookie Message

I plan on baking some wonderful heart shaped, sugar cookies for my sweetie. (Like above but  with a fun message)  After icing them, I will write out a message on each of the cookies.  Once they set, all the cookies will be put in a pretty container for my fabulous husband to  figure out my love message to him. Just like a puzzle but you GET TO EAT IT!

Tip #2:  Flowers for a Stranger

You know, I thought of this idea but I have to confess that I am nervous to implement it.  I think it is such a nice idea and it would make someone's day.  I thought about buying one or two bouquet's of flowers and have Cati and Ella hand out flowers to people in the check out line at the grocery store, at the library, or neighbors. 

I have to admit I am not always comfortable putting myself out there but I believe nothing would communicate the love of Christ like a gesture such as this. 

Would anyone be willing to do something like this with me?  Just to bless someone for no reason?  I think I would be encouraged if some of you did it with me.  

And seriously, who could refuse a flower given from two cutie, patootie little girls?

Happy Tuesday!

Oh and PS:  I think this week I am going to renege on my promise to post every day with the loooove theme thingy. I overextended myself. So since I am accountable to no one regarding this blog I seriously questioned the undue pressure.  Now I will post when the mood strikes.  Why?  Because I am feeling stressed about it and that is just silly.  I am going to stop over-committing myself to things I have no time to do and just blog when I am inspired...not because I gave myself a schedule.  Amen and amen.

The End on my little self pep talk.


  1. Hi Jessica~ I'll join you in your random blessings! I thought maybe baking cookies with my gang and blessing neighbors, or strangers... I'll think about it and let you know, and I'll post about it afterward.Its a great idea, for those that give and those that receive.

  2. Ooh, Ooh! I want to play too. I bought a dozen happy plush flowers at Sam's Club a few weeks ago and knew I wanted to do something with them, like maybe hand them out to Andrew's class on Valentine's day, but they have 14 kids, and I only have 12 flowers. And now I think I know what we'll do with them on V-day! Thanks for the inspiration. We need to report back to you or something on the results!!!

  3. Jessica,

    Random inspirations are SO MUCH more fruitful! Don't stress, my dear friend! You are such a breath of fresh air, and have such creative juices flowing...ALWAYS...we can be patient until the "mood" hits you! = ) And, YES, you are NOT accountable to anyone on this blog...but we all know what a pleasure connecting in blogworld is to our spirits! It's that GIRL thang! = )

    Peace upon you and you sweet family!

  4. Pretty pic of yummy cookies. I want to bake some yummyness too!

  5. Amen to your pep talk! I need those too...often! :)

  6. I love your idea of giving flowers to strangers, and I totally understand the nervousness as well. I read somewhere about making care packages for homeless and giving them away in the city. I think this is such a wonderful idea, but I'm nervous to put it into action. Maybe because it would just be me, hubby thinks the girls are still too young to help. Good luck and let us know how the random acts go!

  7. What sweet ideas...I love all of them! I love this month so so much. Hope the rest of your day is as sweet as you!


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