February 21, 2010

Checking In

I know. I have been on a bit of a blog hiatus.  It has made me sad to see some of those precious faces diminish where my bloggy friends are.  But I also have realized that my life is utter chaos at this point and what is more important is my family.  And with sick children and us in the process of finding a new home, something has to give and this blog is one of those things.
But I wanted to just check back in to update you all on what I have been up to besides taking care of sick kids. 

We are actually now working with a realtor to possibly buy a house. 

This is the most unexpected turn of events for us as we are greatly lacking in sufficient funds.  I wish that came off as an exaggeration but it is true.  Yet it seems there are possibilities in this real estate market we were unaware of.  And since this is the first time we have actively looked for a house, what have I discovered is that this process is EXHAUSTING, TIME CONSUMING, and ALL TOGETHER EXCITING.

The good thing is that we have perspective.  We are not getting our hopes up and we are still willing to rent a home if buying does not work out. We have already been approved for a loan and we are being EXTREMELY conservative.  In light of that, the choices are slim pickings because what we want does not match up to what we can afford. Tee hee.  I can be high maintenance. I just don't want to settle on something to buy.  Do you not agree?

But this is what I know.  God is in the business of doing immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.  Not only that, but I take complete comfort in God's "NO's" in my life.  Each time God has extended a resounding no, I have seen the blessing.  He has snatched us from the fire on all too many occasions.  

Like the last time we were going to search for a house, we were approved for a loan of $350,000!  We laughed and said there was no way we could afford that and scaled back the search process yet the temptation was great. Then one month later, hubby was laid off of his job.  He then had to take another job (his current one) making less than half of what he was making before.  Wow.  Yet we have persevered because...I kid you not...on paper, our budget does not work out. Yet for the last 3 years we have been just fine. For 3 years we have seen God's provision in a mighty way.

Jesus, I magnify your holy name. 

A few years ago I took Beth Moore's bible study Believing God.  There are numerous nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from this study but one thing that stuck was something I have said over and over since hearing it...
"We see little because we believe little."  

I know that statement is a tad negative.  Because a more positive spin is 'We will see much if we believe much."  But the negative highlights where our faith is deficient.  And what I have come to know is that the end result is not the reward.  It is the faith journey to whatever end result God has already established. 

Faith is not believing God gives us what we want.  Faith is believing God for His best and sometimes His best is a RESOUNDING NO and giving us the last thing we thought we would need. 

That is the holy God I serve and I rest in His perfect plan for us.

So I just wanted to take a moment to say hi to all of you.  To confess to you yet again that I still get sick to my stomach when someone decides to stop following my blog, questioning myself and wondering what I did.  

Then I remember that when I put my hope in what man thinks for me, I have wandered from the path to sanctification that my God has me on.  I have focused on the temporal instead of  the eternal. I am not of this world.  I am merely in it, as an ambassador to Christ.

So I have regrouped and remembered that my blog is a wonderful way to give praise to my God and to remember I am not here to please man but to glorify my King.

And to remember that I have precious friends, of whom I have never met yet encourage me greatly. For that I thank you.  So hang in there with me as I go through a tumultuous process that may result in frequent absences. 

And please, please always remind me of what is truly important.


  1. Thanks for the mention of Beth Moore's bible study. I'm going to have to check that one out!

  2. An absolutely moving message!

    First, I will continuously pray for your family and that God will provide a wonderful house (rented or bought) for your family. He is a mighty God and works wonders!

    Secondly, I appreciated and was immensely encouraged when you mentioned that you find comfort in the midst of God's "NOs." As humans, we may think and whole heartedly believe that our ways, our plans are always right, but in reality God's plans always prevail and are greater than we could have ever imagined!

    And lastly, I love your blogs and your writing. It's so honest, witty, and real. So thank you for sharing!

  3. Sometimes it is so hard to give up control of our lives especially when it comes to our finances! But it is so encouraging to hear your stories of how our God has provided for you and your family and it is so unfathomably amazing that he can and does provide when we cannot see where things will work out! It just increases our faith so much more when we are dependent upon him! And it keeps us in check and reminds us that we cannot provide for ourselves!
    Keep praying and having faith that God will provide for you and your family through everything not just your financials! :)

  4. Love the peek into your mind. You are wise!! I like to think that the reason you aren't posting as often is because you are giving me a chance to go back and read older posts of yours. Selfish, I know, but I love the things I am learning from you!

    You can do it--stay calm and keep moving!

  5. How bout a tiny cottage, that needs repairs. It could be your little corner of the world that you can fix to your liking. Besides you don't want to clean a big ole house! Pray, pray , pray. God will send you the house He has for you :) Hang in there! I can't wait to see where you end up.

  6. Oh honey girlfriend O' Mine ~ You already know what's important. You are living it outloud. I love you more each time I see your love for Him in action. Keep going and ..... Be truly glad! There is great joy ahead! i Peter 1:6

  7. Jessica, I think I can speak on behalf of your followers that we dont blame you for being away at all. You need to take care of number one first and that is your family. Dont worry about the numbers on your followers list it doesnt matter one bit. Its the last thing you need to worry about. I pray that you will find a house soon...and its you and your beautiful family that will make it a HOME!!

  8. I am totally encouraged by this post. First, to remind me of the Believing God bible study where we first met and two, that it is so okay to be vulnerable. I love you.

  9. Thanks for being so honest! Me and my husband are in the process of buying our first house, and it is amazing what God can do. When we went to the bank, we were so unsure if we would even get approved! It is amazing how God provides and shows you when it is the right time. Whether you rent or buy I know God will continue to show you what is the right move for your family, as I know He continues to do with mine. Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. Thank you for this post! I happy for you that you have seen God's hand in all that is going on in your life. God is so good!

    I too have completed many of Beth Moore's Bible study's and have taken away so much out of each one.

    May God continue to bless you and your family!


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