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February 23, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday

You all know I am crazy busy right now, right? And as much as I love doing Two Tips Tuesdays, I am not sure I have the time to do this every week.  Hubby and I do a class every Monday night and you know all the other house and kid stuff that is keeping me hoppin'!

Now I want to see if any of you would be interested in guest blogging for Two Tips Tuesday.  It would be a great opportunity to showcase your amazing skills and know how in...well...anything! It would also be a fabulous way for others to peek in on your blog and for all of you to get exposed to other blogs.
Interested?  Let me know!  It will be fun, fun, fun!

Now I am so incredibly excited to introduce you to Crafty Chic Mommy.  MY FIRST GUEST BLOGGER! The first time I stumbled upon her blog, I was hooked.   Not only does she have a ridiculous amount of craft genius brimming to overflowing but she makes being craft savvy look like the easiest thing in the world.  Plus, she is a brilliant google searcher outer. I am convinced this is a paid title for some genius out there.  I love how she shares crafty scoops from the webby world.

The wealth of information, sources if inspiration and just crafty flair all make for a fun blog to read.  Plus, reading her is like a warm hug from a forever friend.  She is so down to earth and sweet all at the same time.  So without further ado...Crafty Chic Mommy has an adorable craft with pictures of her scrumptious and even more adorable daughter.  Enjoy!

Hello Two Shades of Pink fans. You and I are very lucky to have come across this wonderful blog and I'm even luckier to be her first guest poster. I'm always touched when I read Jessica's posts, I feel like I know her personally and to tell you honestly if we lived close I would want to hang out with her. She has a beautiful soul, I can tell, and she sounds like a wonderful Mommy.....she is a wonderful mommy. Thanks for this opportunity Jessica. 

So a bit about me, then I'll quit rambling and get on with my project. So my blogging adventure starts with favourite search engine. Whenever I needed craft inspiration I would search on google for other brilliant craft website and blogs. In my search I came across some very wonderful blogs both about motherhood and crafts. Then it hit me....I need a blog. So one rainy day in November 2009 I sat down with my fat free caramel latte and CRAFTY CHIC MOMMY was born. I often think to myself why didn't I do this years ago? Every week I find myself crafting away in the little happy corner of my house, then I take pictures to share with everyone else just like other blogs have done for me. I'm giving back to the bloggy world and it feels good.
So onto my post already... 

Tip #1: Apron Craft

Last week I made my daughter Ashtyn a wooden play kitchen. I figured every good cook also needs a good apron so I got down to work on Friday night making Ashtyn one...yes lame I know on a Friday night...welcome to motherhood....   

I used a placemat, ribbon and a sewing machine to create this little gem. It took me no longer than ten minutes to make only because I had to re thread my sewing machine.

 Here is whatcha do...
1.  Lay your placemat down with the wrong side facing up towards you.

 2. Fold both corners down, and pin them for sewing.

3. Sew along the sides leaving an inch or so for your ribbon to feed through. Do this on both sides.

 4. Then take one long piece of ribbon with a safety pin on one end and feed it through each little pocket you've sewn.

5. Tie off the ends of your string so they don't come back through the holes during use. You can also tie on a few big beads but keep in mind choking hazards

 6. There you have it.... a cute little apron made in minutes and the perfect size for your messy munchkin or your blooming chef.

Happy Craftin,
Crafty Chic Mommy

Is this not the cutest?  It looks so easy and I love the end result!  Now, you must, must go see this amaaaaazing kitchen she did with her own 2 talented hands and incredibly sweet heart.  

Tip #2: Felt and Fabric Rings

OK.  Well since we have a craft vibe going, and Crafty Chic Mommy did an amazing job,  I will just share with you my latest craft fun inspired from one of my favorite craft blogs, Happy Together.  She has a fabulous tutorial for making ribbon rings and I used the basics of that tutorial to make these...

These were so fun to make and fast too!.  Instead of ribbon, I used gray suiting fabric for the gray one using the selvedge edge (is that the right term?), brown felt and green scrap fabric with woven looking button, and the hem of a white cotton shirt that my youngest daughter outgrew. The middle of that one is a fabric covered button using a nifty little tutorial here for fabric covering a button with out using  a kit.  The best part?  The ring is actually a pony tail holder!!!

This is what they look like on....


I actually wear these all the time!  They are so fun and make me feel girly.  They would make great gifts, a fabulous brooch, or a great accessory on a necklace.  Or even fun dress up jewelry for a little girl.

Happy CRAFTY Tuesday friends!


  1. Oh my goodness!! This is just too much fun. I would love to guest blog however I have been forever banished from glitter, glue or anything having to do with a hot glue gun. It's a long story..... :-)

    Going to check out the kitchen!

  2. Super cute aprons! I don't sew, but I'll have to get my MIL to make my little girl one! Cute!!

  3. OMG what an adorable apron! I might even try one for myself... by sewing a few cute cloth placemats together of course but using the same fold-over-the-ribbon technique. LOVE IT!

  4. How sweet!~and easy to do! Thanks for a great start to Tuesday~

  5. Cute projects!

    Jessica--I LOVE your honesty and forthrightness--makes me feel like I have "permission" to be busy, overwhelmed or just focused on other stuff. Thanks!!

    And, I would love to guest blog for one of your Two Tips Tuesdays.

  6. What a good idea using the placematt! She looks adorable!

    & Jessica I totally made your craft organizer out of the utensil holder & it is so perfect!

    Thanks girls!

  7. What a neat way to make a little apron! I LOVE your rings too! I might have to make me some like that too :)

  8. ok...i think you have some confessing to do. causing a sister to stumble! first the baby blocks and now these totally adorable rings! so, i've decided....jess is going to start a class. i'll make the snacks. she'll bring the crafts. we'll bring the money to cover the material costs and she'll teach us in person how to make these fun things! sound good?

  9. Sigh....
    I want to guest post for you, but can I tell you something?

    I am so UNcrafty that I see the words, "just get out your sewing machine" and the rest of the post begins to sound (in my head) like the teacher always did on Charlie Brown. Wa wa wa wa wa wa... Incomprehensible.

    I am a craft-dummy.

    So, alas... unless you need a tip on how to fold a rock-awesome paper airplane that'll fly across an entire room and impress the socks off of any four-year old boy, I'll take a backseat and watch you experts go to town.

    Oh, but if you take the Momma "Chick" up on her idea... with her cooking and your crafting, you can count me in for the party.

    Ok, I'm now ending my longest comment ever.

  10. Two Tips Tuesday is NOT just for the crafty! It can be anything you want! Entertaining tips, organization tips, mommy tips, beauty tips, food tips, etc. I think I will have to do a better explanation of this. Not to worry! I am on the job to search out all you talented people who think you don't have tips but you really, really do! Watch out...I may pursue you madly...

  11. Jessica, your comments to me are a treasure :)
    Thank you.
    Love the rings! and the apron. Looking forward to a post on how your househunting is going! Whether it's good or bad..

  12. omg the apron idea for the kiddies is such an adorable idea and great for when they want to get in the kitchen and cook with you. I sure wish the kiddies at the after school program I worked for last Sept, had aprons when I brought out the arts and crafts for them...Ooooh the mess...even after all the marker stains and paint stains (not just on their clothes but faces and some got it on their tummies too) their parents still love me :0)

    The rings are so pretty! I wish I had the patience to sew. Beading, Im good at-no problem but sewing is not my best asset that even the right word? I would love to be on your tips for tuesday but Ill have to come up with something clever...hmmm-putting my thinking cap on.

    I found your blog through another blog and I enjoy it very much. Ive added your button to my bloggie :0) Cant wait to read more tips and stories.


  13. That apron is SO SO cute! It fits the little girl perfectly. I love it. And the baby is adorable too!

  14. I make purses out of place mats and people never believe me that they're just made out of place mats, and here's another easy thing to do with a place mat that no one would believe either! The purses do take a bit more sewing than that, though...

  15. I want that cute little girl for Jonathan! What a DOLL!!!!! Almost as cute as him- almost!
    Jennifer N

  16. So glad you got rid of that crazy thing you used to have to type in to post comments!!! Yay!

  17. i love the baby apron............gr8 work keep it up......


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