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February 24, 2010

What is more fun than house hunting?

Let me count the ways...

Tweezing my nose hairs one by one for pleasure.

Getting a huge tax return and then finding out the IRS was wrong and you owe it all back.

Stepping on a huge sewing needle and having your husband pull it out (happened last week).

Dropping a cake you just baked while removing it from the oven.

Having your daughter have a diaper explosion at church and having to pick her up dressed in a diaper and a church issued t-shirt that says "Ski Bunny in Training." Then later finding out they accidentally threw away her poopy clothes that included a pair of Baby Gap pants, a cute shirt from Nordstrom, and $50 Stride Rite shoes. (Oh wait. That really happened too)

Finding an unidentifiable hair in my $8 ice cream cone.

Paying for a pedicure and while walking to the car, tripping and scraping your big toe on asphalt. 

Dropping a cell phone while reaching for coffee at a drive thru and watching it smash into smithereens.

Having a talking scale proclaim your weight at a grocery store.

Having your pants fall to your ankles at a full sprint on the treadmill at the gym.

Giving birth. 

There you have it.  All those things would be better than my past week.  

Now I need to give you highlights from this enlightening process.  A process where us po' folk have eyes and dreams bigger than our wallets.  And friends, we have been schooled in the fact that  the needle in a haystack will take some time to find.  Sadly, time is not on our hands.  Our search has included fixer uppers so allow me to invite you into this new world I did not know existed...

 Admit it.  For a split second you thought this was our new house.  But alas, no. Just another attempt to find humor in this very humbling process.

Found a house with a missing section of stair railing, half finished floor boards and a faux finish that was a hybrid of a Tuscany and Grecian villa. There may have been a cat sitting in this faux painted window of this random wall.  I have blocked out the memory so don't hold me to that.

A laundry room that had wallpaper in ginormous, cutesy font with the sentence over and over and over...I HATE LAUNDRY ROOMS.  The words each had their own primary color for effective POP!

A house with a bay window that had a "fixed" window seat that had issues. Well, those issues were termites and they ate the entire window seat.  It was wood pulp.  

A house that was redone from the inside out and soooo gorgeous. When we arrived, we saw it had a fabulous view of Applebees and Home Depot right out front.

More blue bathrooms.

Pink bathrooms.

Hunter green bathrooms.

Bathrooms that make a phone booth look big.  Remember those?

A house with an island that was a stove and oven.  Yes, the top was the stove.  The best part?  It was that dingy yellow color and still had the last meal on it.  True story.  And when we arrived I believe we walked into a house that was once part of a 60's commune.  Wood paneling was EVERYWHERE and a bathroom where I believe the only way to use the loo was to climb in it because there was no room to stand in front of it.

I know I will have more stories to tell.  But get this.  We have an AMAZING realtor.  He is someone we already knew from church, he is amazing at what he does, and he lets us call the shots. He never pushes us but he is so great about reminding us of what we want when we consider settling for something less than what we are looking for.  We have been blessed!

But I covet your prayers.  I am struggling, I am stressed, and I am NOT standing on faith as I should. It has been a week that has felt like a year and I am slightly panicked.  Yes, after a week.  I am not a laid back kind of gal.  More like an intense, overly worried, freaker outer. 

But the hubster provided some perspective for me tonight and has ordered me from the "Search Process."  He is a good man.

And you all are good friends to be vested in this process with me.  More updates to come.


  1. i am so sorry you are having to go through this my love :(
    The Lord is undercontrol though!!

  2. I have to admit, your list of "what is more fun then house hunting" brought a chuckle to some of the things your wrote and then an "awww" to an "omg I cant believe that happened to you." Then I started thinking about the book my bf bought me for V'Day "F My Life: It's funny, it's true, except when it happens to you" by Maxime Valette, Guillaume Passaglia & Didier Guedi. Its a book about embarassing moments people have gone through-some will make you die laughing and some will not. Then I started to think, maybe you should send some of the things from that list to the authors...just a book that may make you laugh when you def need it. So sorry about all the stress and panic you're having. I for one, know about stress and anxiety. "Everything happens for a Reason"-I hope it all works out for you and your family in the end :0)

  3. Oh my...I cringe at your list. Especially plucking nose hairs. What's worse? That, or giving birth? It really is a tough call.

    Glad to hear you have a good and Godly realtor. It's so easy to settle when we've lost hope. But I can't help but believe God has something special with your name on it. Possibly even something greater than you expected to receive.

    I will be praying for you :)


  4. Hang in there! I agree house hunting can be a bit of a stress fest but take heart there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Thanks for making me laugh out loud! Our house hunt once took us to a Gorgeous farmhouse, but when we asked why the floors felt funny, he said they were soft, and we couldn't walk on them for too long as they might give way...

  6. I am speechless, well, almost! That list--so sad it was funny and also, kind of hilarious even though I wasn't supposed to be laughing!

    Remember, though, you are walking up another mountain right now. You'll get to the top and see the view and it will all be worth it; just keep climpbing. You will make it!!

  7. First, let me say wow, I can't believe that list! Second, I know EXACTLY how you feel with the house hunting! We are in the process of buying our first house and it is hard. I try to always think about what it could be though. Could I paint that wood paneling or fix that? I know God has a house out there for both of us, and He will lead us to it. Thanks for sharing about your process. :)

  8. What about watching paint dry? Or waiting for water to boil.

    I know the diamond is there waiting for you. God has a plan and you have to walk through it. On your knees girl, on your knees!

    I love you!

  9. Oh girl you are too funny! Poor thing you have had a week. House hunting should be fun, but I remember when we were looking for one it wasn't either. We were very stressed.

    Here's praying that the process becomes a joy instead of a burden, and that God would place you exactly where you are supposed to be!

  10. oh I'm sorry this has been so hard, hang in there. We had wood paneling and orange and red shag carpet in the bedrooms of our house when we first moved in. Grease on all the kitchen cupboards too.... I know this is easier said than done, but try to imagine these houses "redone". Sorry about the poop explosion, now I think that is worse than house hunting!

  11. Oh no! SOunds terrible! It really does. But I really wish you woud have snapped a pic of the laundry room wallpaper :)

    Oh & that list up top!!! Oh no! Are you my soul sister? :) I thought stuff like that only happened to me! Thank you for sharing it!

    Oh & keep the faith! You will know when you enocunter thet right home. I just hope for your sake...that it is soon!

  12. OH, this list... hysterical. Praying you not only find the house.. but some fun stuff in the hunt, too. If not, it's at least good fodder for a blog post, right?

  13. Jessica ~ Is there anything worse than house hunting? It's possible ..... you know the rest! ROFL!!!

    I had to say it!!

  14. I am a new reader--so far I love your blog!! Thanks for being transparent. I linked you on my blog cause I want all my readers to meet you!!

  15. Just stumbled on your blog and I'm in love with it! I LOVE your style !!! I'm quite new to blogging (2 entries :) but pray that I too can minister to the heart through it. Look forward to my kids napping so that I can read some more of your posts! Shannon

  16. You were so enamored with the green and neutral!! I was wondering if you even liked pink?? your next bag will be pink ruffles... I have had so many requests for pink ruffles I cannot keep up, my problem is not finding enough vintage pink cotton! yes you are still talking to me or you cannot be my neighbor in pastel cottage world.


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