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October 2, 2010

The Apple Party

This sweet little party was so much fun.  The kids loved all the decorations, cupcakes, and us parent's loved it too!  I know I did not show you some of the other details I did for the party so here they are!

Apple cupcakes!
Don't they look like shiny red apples?  These were super easy to make.  I used cake mix from a box because we all know most kids only eat the tops anyway so I wanted something easy!  The icing was ready made icing from a can (the color red) and to make it shiny, I topped it off with a bit of red cookie icing so it would dry hard.  The stems are pretzel rods and the leaves are made from a licorice candy called Rips.

This is what Rips look like.
I just took kitchen shears and cut them into leaf shapes and squeezed the bottom of them to give them the dimension and shape of a leaf.

I also made these apple tags with all the kid's photos on them in black and white.  We hung them from the twine vine I made from my previous post.
This was the other side of the tag with each child's name on it.
I wish all these photos looked as good as the classroom did after we decorated but it was difficult to capture it fully on camera.
All the pom pom apples were hung up by little clothespins and the photo tags hung from the vine too.
 The tissue paper pom poms look kind of wonky but it was my first time making them. 
Next time they will look better!
Me and my shy girl, Ella.
My big Pre-K girl!
This sweet little All About Me book was so cute.  One of the questions asked was: 
"What is your favorite thing to do?
  Her answer?
To play with my mom and hug and kiss her.
Seriously, that girl got a lifetime supply of ice cream for that one.
And those faces seal the deal for me.

Yes. Yes I actually did match Ella's dress to the theme of the party.
 OK, this is hilarious.  
All the kids had to make a picture frame for another classmate.  So I helped Cati make that frame for her friend (the only other girl in the class...there are 8 boys).  Well, she thought it was for her.  I told her it was for her sweet friend, over and over.  So either I was a victim of selective hearing or she thought she wrapped her own gift.
And there is her reaction for all to see as proof.
"Wait, what?  I wanted that frame!!!!"
Hugs from my sweet girls!

Hope you enjoyed it...and hugs to all of you!


  1. Great job on the party! Those apple cupcakes are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow wow wow wow WOW Jess!! I love those cupcakes and the room looks so awesome. That selective hearing thing made me laugh. Kids! :)

  3. Seriously? Incredible Jess. So awesome.

  4. This is so cool!!! YOu did a great job as always, Jess.

  5. I am the Director of Marketing at The Foreign Candy Company who distributes Rips and we LOVED your cupcakes0just found them! I'd love to post a link on, but I'd like your permission first. If you'd rather not have a link to the blog, could you upload your pictures on our facebook page? Please email and let me know if I can link to this post. Thanks!


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