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October 4, 2010

Lunchbox Notes: Printable Links

When I was a little grade schooler, I remember the first time I got a lunch note from my mom.  As I opened my snoopy lunch box (oh yeah) I saw the familiar napkins from home but wait...what was this?

A love note on the napkin in my mother's handwriting telling me to have a good day and she loved me. Awwwww!

I remember the next day, being so excited to see the sweet note my mom left me on my napkins and...GASP!

NO NOTE!  Just a blank napkin.  Mocking me.

OK.  My mom worked hard to take care of me and I am sure this little thing was easily forgotten. I do not harbor resentment well into my 30's over this. Really. I have forgiven her. :)

But the positive impact it left stayed with me.  There is nothing more special then getting a little note from mom in the middle of your day just say I love you.  She is not even physically there and she can still communicate how she cares.

So when Cati started school this year I was adamant that she would get a lunch note every day.  So I just cut some hearts and circles out of scrapbook paper and kept them in a drawer in the kitchen.

She was beyond ecstatic!

Everyday she would tell me about her note and carry it around.  And when she sees me packing her lunch the night before, she brings me the note from that day and reminds me to put it in there.  And I always give her a big hug and tell her. "Look for a NEW NOTE in your lunch."  She gives me a huge smile that makes it so worth it.

But I got to thinking.  She can't read.  The PA's (parent assistants) at her school read them to her but I thought if I could give her some that are more visual and pretty, it would be that much more fun to get one in her lunch.

So began the Internet Hunt. And I was NOT disappointed!!!!!
Here's what I found!

Cute and happy food theme lunch notes at Oliebollen 
I absolutely HEART these simple and adorable love notes from Frog Prince Paperie

These gingham cuties so sweet and they give you room to write a personal note. 
I found these via Executive Homemaker

Alphamom has notes you can personalize and print or just write a quick note.

These are great for Fall and still have bold and fun rainbow colors.
The illustrator, Tricia Rennea has a great blog called Trillustrations that I follow with terrific free printables.

So make your little one's day with a love note!
Happy Lunch Making!


  1. I started to put a note in James lunch the first day but decided not to because I wan't sure he would know to ask someone to read it. It was actually going to be a knock knock joke since he loves those! Thanks to your post he will have one tomorrow! My mom made my lunch for me everyday for school and everyday I had a note. It was so special to me.

  2. My mom used to leave notes in my lunch every once in awhile when I was a kid. It was always a special treat when I got one. I'd love to do this for my daughter when she starts school next year.

  3. Thanks for posting these links. I love these. I leave little notes for Andrew every once in a while. His favorite, though, was the day I drew a picture of Phineas & Ferb. Now he's making special requests. Haha! (I love the idea above of doing knock knock jokes. My boy would LOVE that, too!

  4. OMW everyday!! What if you forget one day innocently and don't put in a note? You will scar her for life!! I do love all the different printables, that is way cool.

  5. Jessica! Girl you know how to party and are the queen of creativity. Your lttle Cati's classroom is blessed to hav you as classroom mom. Thanks for sharing these links. I will be using them in the future and hope to make some of those adorable yarn apples! I am going to have to remeber you when God puts a special event on the calendar. I hope he brings you to mind to go to for ideas! Keep up the great work my friend!

  6. Cute! Love the apple cupcakes too. You are the creative queen! Xo
    Jennifer N

  7. Love these, so cute! This is my Luke's first year of eating lunch at school and I've done some notes, too. I think he gets so anxious to go to recess after lunch that he doesn't put his trash in the garbage, he puts everything back, note from the day included, back in his lunch box. So...I've been recycling notes. He hasn't said anything about the peanut butter marks....yet. So, I might need to follow your lead on the notes.
    How is your family doing? I’ve been pretty occupied with various things so I’ve not been by to visit, but I’ve missed ya, and sure appreciate your sweet comments on my blog. Hope you’re well.

  8. I always did this for my kids and now my grands. They loved it and I love doing it.

    I even do it for Bob but more to embarass and annoy him than anything else. :-)


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