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October 31, 2010

Our Halloween!!!!

What a fabulous time we had this week!
My in-laws came into town and they are always super fun and then we did a Fall Festival and then...Halloween!  Each year we go to our church's trunk or treat and volunteer our car to hand out candy.  Super crowded but super fun! 
  Awwwwww...posing in front of our house.  
My Ballerina and Minnie Mouse.
 Trick or Treat! 
Ella's official first time on her two little cute feet.
She was amazed that those 3 words...worked EVERY single time.

Speaking of feet... 
I think my favorite part of their outfits were the shoes.  
They had some sparkly sparkle going on.
Sorry it's blurry bit the girl needed to get her trick or treating on.

And then a dear friend of mine decided to come up with an amazing and creative theme for their trunk.  And to be honest, most thought I would be creative but  
Um, I threw some pumpkins on a table and recycled Fall decorations from my house and called it a day.

But my friend Jenny did a theme.  A THEME! 

The UP movie.   

She tied balloons to the top of her car...MADE THE HOUSE, and dressed as Mr. Fredrickson down to the cane with tennis balls!  BRILLIANT!  I took pictures of her like I was a tourist or fan of a celebrity!  But my geekdom is renowned so no one flinches. Her son was Doug the dog and her 1 year old daughter was Russell. 

My photos don't do it justice but enjoy...
 The house with balloons on top.
Jenny as Mr. Fredrickson and her son as Doug the dog.  
I am cracking up now just looking at it again.  So stinkin' adorable I just can't stand it.
Kevin, the Bird.
Creative genius is what I say. 
I mean, a rainbow colored boa for feathers?  I am in awe. A pillow for the back? Amazing.
 I mean, is this not the cutest little girl in the world? Yet she totally pulled off the Russell look while still maintaining femininity. 

So awesome.  By the way Jenny has a great blog.  Click here. She is a close friend of mine and I love her dearly. So funny, warm, and loves Jesus.  And the funniest part about this is her outfit truly transformed her.  She is the epitome of style and so beautiful...inside and out.  So honestly I had to give her props on my blog for such creativity.

Off to unpack my creative pumpkins and pine cones.  Woop de doo.  :)


  1. Couldn't sleep and had a feeling you'd be writing tonight! Yay! I always look forward to reading. You crack me up.
    Jenn N

  2. Wow, I have never seen such a cute prop and set of costumes as your friend came up with.

    And your girls are growing, growing, growing!! As always, they look so adorable.

    Happy day!!


  3. What a lot of fun you've been having! Trunk or treat! I'd never even heard of such a thing! We're up in the frozen tundra here in WI so we hide out in the shelter of our homes for trick or treating and make the little darlings work for their candy. I'm out in the country and we get no trick or treaters here.

    Your girls looked adorable! My husband took our son out with friends. He was dressed as a soldier. My two girls are older and the days of princesses and ballerinas are a thing of the past for me. :(

    Have a great week!

  4. AWWWW... THANK YOU! I love your pictures! Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I couldn't have picked a better "trunk" to be neighbors with last night. Thank you for being excited about our theme - made it totally worth it all, for your reaction alone!

    For all the times you make me smile and laugh, I was glad to return the favor with a little something silly last night!

    (Oh, and just so your readers know that you're being humble... your decorations were so perfect and tasteful and warm and inviting. And you brought fresh cut melon for your kids to snack on!!! Always so thoughtful down to every detail. Meanwhile, I believe Megan's dinner was a grape flavored lollipop... with the wrapper still on. Fantastic.)

  5. Ahhh! The girls looked so darling! I had to smile at the blurry comment becuase all my pre pics turned out blurry as they were all in a hurry too! But I have to agree...those are some cute shoes!

    LOVE the UP car! I can't even imagine all the work that went into her car & those costumes! That little Russell! Too cute! Glad you were there to get pics for all of us who missed it! :) Glad you guys had fun! i just love Halloween!!

  6. That looks like so much fun...

    You have such cute kids:)

  7. Oh my goodness, this is awesome!!


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